Cigar World Cup: La Gloria Cubana D No. 5 Cigar vs Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar

Cigar World Cup: La Gloria Cubana D No. 5 Cigar vs Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar

It’s all kicking off in the sporting world, with the World Cup getting off to a fantastic start yesterday as the opening ceremony was held in Moscow last night. 

Today’s match will see Group B’s heavyweight Spain and Portugal go head to head, perhaps foot to foot is more apt?  And we’re anticipating a very interesting match indeed.

In celebration we thought we’d have a match of our own, with the Regional Edition Cigars for sale competing against each other.


SPAIN: La Gloria Cubana D No. 5 Cigar (Ex. Espana 2017)


The La Gloria Cubana D No.5 Cigar for sale online


First up we have the La Gloria Cubana D No. 5 Cigar which was announced just last year as a Regional Edition for Spain. Since its release it has been one of the most popular Cuban cigars online and we have received plenty of positive responses to its vitola. It’s certainly got support from many corners of the world, we can imagine many people are rooting for the No.5 from La Gloria Cubana Cuban cigars.

La Gloria Cubana is a brand that over the years has used innovation and modernisation to keep things fresh in the company. Which could be said of the Spanish football team as they drop their coach Julen Lopetegui the evening before the World Cup championships commenced and appointed former footballer Fernando Hierro to take his place. This move has received mixed opinions from supporters and a few psychologists have expressed their belief that nothing good can come from such a move. La Gloria Cubana has felt a similar mixed review whenever they have made a change but have still come out on top, maybe the same can be said for the Spanish football team?

Its Petit Robusto vitola we feel might give the Spanish team an upper hand as it’s a very popular size in this current fast paced climate, where cigar smokers want a cigar that is shorter in size but still has a heavy ring gauge and delivers plenty of flavours. Ideal for when you’re in between meetings or during a client lunch.

Medium to full flavoured may also give this team a greater chance of winning as it means that it’s accessible to both the aficionado and the beginner smoker. We think the combination of Star Player Isco and Rising Star Marco Asensio make for a fantastic analogy in this case. But what does Portugal have up its sleeve?


PORTUGAL: Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar (Ex. Portugal 2017) 

The Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar for sale online

The Bolivar Lusiadas cigar for sale are the obvious choice to represent the Portugal team. Released in the same year as the Spanish Regional Edition, it too has proven to be very popular and considered one of the best Cuban cigars. Unlike Spain, the Portugal Team is going into the World Cup with their coach Fernandes da Costa Santos who led them to victory in 2016’s Euros, which makes the team a favourite at the bookies.

The Lusiada from Bolivar Cigars has a much loved vitola which reigns back from the early years of Cuban cigar craftsmanship. Known as a perfecto it has two tapered ends with a round head, a closed foot and the classic bulging midsection. This cigar is often made by expert torcedors because it is an extremely difficult cigar to roll. Likewise, it could be said the Christiano Ronaldo, who has been a veteran for the team, leading them to victory in the World Cup four times since 2008 and like the torcedors he expertly plays shots and passes like no other making him one of the greatest players around.

The full profile of Bolivar Cuban cigars is ever present in these Cuban cigars for sale giving them a strength much loved by those well versed in cigars. Similarly, Portugal’s strength as a team has gained them a huge following of supporters and makes them a big favourite for today’s match.

It’s obvious it’s going to be a tough and interesting match, with both teams having strengths that they hope to utilise to their very best. Tensions must be running high and both teams will be be praying for a win.

We struggled to call this one, but we're thinking Portugal might win this one, and we’re going to predict a win by 2:1. What do you think? As for the cigars, we can’t quite call it, both are fantastic in their own right. What’s your verdict?

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