Everything You Need To Know About Montecristo Cigars

Everything You Need To Know About Montecristo Cigars

Montecristo Cuban Cigars

Only last week we began stocking the latest line in the Montecristo cigars portfolio. Just one week later and we've almost sold all but one of each from the 'Montecristo Linea 1935' range. Because of the brand's obvious popularity, we thought it would be great to write a history post about it and the brand’s notable cigars for sale.

Montecristo is one of the most recognisable out of all the Cuban Cigar brands, competing with the likes of Cohiba Cuban cigars and Romeo y Julieta for the number 1 title. We take a look at the various reasons why Montecristo has seen such success and remains one of the best. 

The Montecristo Cigars price is reflective of the many years that the brand has used premium tobaccos to make their cigars and the expert skills utilised by the very best torcedores in Cuba to roll them. The Montecristo Open Eagle for sale on our website and the Montecristo Especial No.2 Cigar are both examples of this expert craftsmanship. 


1935 - Born

During the year of 1935, Alonso Menendez had high hopes of creating a new Cuban Cigar brand. So Menendez purchased the Particulares cigar factory and inspired by a torcedor tradition, named the brand ‘Montecristo’. Montecristo, as you may already know, takes its inspiration from Alexandre Dumas’ novel, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. As was common back then, many factories would have a lector read a novel out to the torcedores so as to entertain them while they rolled hundreds of cigars a day. 

1937- The brand grows

Montecristo Cigars were a hit straight away, loved for their unique flavour, fantastic aroma and for their use of the finest qualities. Already proving to be superior to other brands, which had their roots in the industry, Montecristo’s success meant that Mr. Menendez could develop and expand. In 1937, Menendez asked José Garcia (Pepe) to be his partner and the duo then bought the H.Upmann Factory in the centre of Havana. Both bonded on their desire to create the perfect cigar and promised to do so together.

Image of the H Upmann Factory

The exteriors of the H.Upmann Factory Menendez and Garcia bought in 1937, which led to the successful expansion of the Cuban Cigar brand.

1940-50s- and grows 

Their popularity simply did not cease and the brand became world famous and highly distributed in the early 1940s into the late 1950s. During this period, Montecristo underwent some rebranding, which saw the logo being updated to the logo recognised by every cigar smoker. During these years, the brand proved itself to be the epitome of luxury and loved by those that lived high-end lives.

Image of the Montecristo Cigars logo

The unmistakeable logo of the Montecristo brand, with the central fleur-de-lis surrounded by the six swords in the shape of a triangle.

1961 – Cuban Revolution

In 1961, the Cuban Revolution saw Menendez and Garcia flee the country to the Canary Islands as the brand, the factory and all of its assets got nationalised by the government of Fidel Castro.   


1970s- The Legacy Continues 

Menendez and Garcias attempted to relaunch the brand in the Canary Islands but unfortunately due to many failed attempts they could not.  Despite this, it was not the end for the much loved and very popular brand. In the mid 1970s, the brand was re-established for United States distribution in La Romana, Dominican Republic. These cigars are made in the Tabacalera de Garcia factory led by José Manuel Gonzalez, who ensured that only the finest materials are used and most excellent torcedores are employed, which in turn upholds Montecristo’s reputation in the United States.


Over the years, Montecristo produced a number of very famous and beloved cigars including:


Montecristo No. 2 Cigar: Piramides Vitola (156mm x 52)

Image of the Montecristo No. 2 Cigar

Montecristo Edmundo Cigar: Edmundo Vitola (135mm x 52)

Images of the Montecristo Edmundo Cigar


And this year the brand produced the Linea 1935 range, which includes 3 unique vitolas containing a full flavoured tobacco blend. We still have one box of each on the website, be sure to pick them up quick before they sell out: