Fifa World Cup: Football’s Coming Home

Fifa World Cup: Football’s Coming Home

Today is a very big day for the England Team in the Fifa World Cup. After the loss to the Belgium team on Thursday and following Belgium's win against Japan yesterday, we’re sure the pressure’s on for England to prove themselves this evening.

Of all of the cigars online, we quite rightly felt that the one we would enjoy smoking the most whilst watching the match tonight, would be the Regional Edition exclusively made for Britain. 

The team’s stance in the championship rides on this match alone and determines whether they are to go through to the quarter final. So to celebrate their success so far as well as predict their path in the championships, we’re going to take a look at the Juan López Selección Superba Cigar for sale on our website now, which is the exclusive Regional Edition cigars online for the British market.

England Football Team Profile:

England Football Team

Manager: Gareth Southgate

Star Player:  Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the striker for the team and has proven to be one of the team’s biggest assets in the tournament. In 2017 Kane scored 56 times for his club and the country which is definitely something to shout home about.

World Cup History: The last time England won the World Cup was over 50 years ago in 1966. The closest they’ve ever come to winning again was in 1990 when they got kicked out in the last hurdle at the Semi Final.

World Cup Wonder: During England’s 1966 World Cup triumph the immortal and very famous words ‘Some people are on the pitch…they think it’s all over…it is now!’ were said as striker Geoff Hurst scored in the final minute of extra time, which was also the final goal in his hat-trick.

Notes: England have performed exceedingly well this championship so far. With star player Kane being a fantastic leader in the matches he’s played in and the young team showing fantastic energy and athleticism. The dramatic win against Panama thrust them into the next match against Belgium. Belgium defeated them with one goal and now England will be playing Columbia to enter the next round.

Prediction: England have been unbeaten against Columbia, playing against them five times previously and beat them during their encounter at 1998’s World Cup during the group stages. Therefore, we’re predicting a 2:1 win. What’s your verdict?

Britain’s Regional Edition Cigar Profile: Juan López Selección Superba Cigar


Manager: The brand Juan Lopez was created by Juan Lopez Sena in 1876.

Star Player: This brand offers only a small variety of cigars for sale; you can be sure that the workmanship is unparalleled and construction first rate.

History: In 2009, a Regional Edition cigar was released exclusively for Reino Unido which translates to United Kingdom and its vitola was a Double Robusto.

World Cup Wonder: Despite being a relatively small brand, it has been used numerous times for a number of Regional Edition releases and has created fantastic cigars for sale which have become firm favourites amongst aficionados. This vitola is particularly impressive and much loved by aficionados who prefer larger ring gauges and known as a Robusto Extra/ Geniales. It shares its vitola with the Montecristo Open Eagle cigar for sale. As is procedure for Regional Edition releases, only 6,000 boxes have been produced, making these cigars for sale a collectible item.

Notes: We were impressed with these cigars online for a number of reasons. Primarily, their appearance is what first fascinated us. It has a lovely oily sheen and a hint of red gives the wrapper a rich auburn tone, illustrative of its promise of flavours. Very typical of many young cigars, it’s obvious though that with a few years rest this cigar has the potential to be incredibly enjoyable.

Who do you think will be winning tonight? You know what to do, let us know in the comment section below! 

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