Habanos S.A to Release 33 New Cigars for Sale in 2019

Habanos S.A to Release 33 New Cigars for Sale in 2019

Cigar enthusiasts and aficionados rejoiced as it’s revealed that Habanos S.A are planning to have 33 new cigars for sale next year. While we wait for more information on the company’s plan for 2019 and an official statement, a number of reliable sources have already given a few things away.  

One source claimed that the Cuban state tobacco monopoly will be releasing seven cigars from it’s leading brands: Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta cigars,  Partagas, H. Upmann, and José L. Piedra. This source goes on to disclose that one of these cigars for sale next year is expected to be a Gran Reserva, which will have fans of vintage cigars jumping for joy.

It’s believed to be a Gran Reserva release because the tobacco company released the Cohiba Reserva last year and they usually alternate between Reserva and Gran Reserva every year. Next year’s Gran Reserva, like every Gran Reserva prior, will be made using vintage tobacco which has been aged for five years, and will also be adorned with an additional band and have special packaging.

Next year will see an increase in Regional Editions, as the company is set to release 19 cigars for sale which have been exclusively made for individual distributors. This is exciting, as its a significant increase from previous years. In fact, this is the largest release since 2011 when they tobacco company produced 25 Regional Editions.

The final seven cigars set to be produced will be from the company’s other brands, which will include regular additions, Limited Editions and LCDH Exclusives. 

Very familiar with Habanos S.A’ s ability to keep fans waiting, many do not expect these to be released on time and to schedule, but have high hopes that at least half will be on the market by late 2019 .

Despite Habanos S.A always planning to have the final reveal at the Habanos Festival in February of every year, a definitive list is usually leaked in the autumn of the previous year.

We don’t know about you but we at EGM Cigars can’t wait to find out more. What are you hoping the new cigars for sale will be? Let us know in the comments below!