How to Relax: An Extravagant Guide

How to Relax: An Extravagant Guide

Stylish vehicle in Matelica, Italy. 



Relaxation – when the chaos cascading in circular spirals through your mind, swiftly stops and pauses to emphasise the gesture of the present moment you are in.  When the easing of stress gives way for enjoyment and bliss. Or as defines it, “the state of being free from tension and anxiety”. Of all the many ways to unwind, from reading, to meditation and yoga, we have tracked down some of the most extravagant. It’s starts naturally, with our Cuban cigars online.

BUY CIGARS ONLINE – When we spoke about the relationship between a Creative and Their Cuban Cigar, we recognised that artistic outlets – painting, dance and cooking etc., are not the greatest forms of relaxation for creative minds, because their work is centred around art. It would be like telling a writer to have a break from their work by writing their journal or diary. Sometimes you need to find a way to make your brain pause without conjuring up new thoughts. Cuban cigars are a seamless solution. Picture a beautifully calm Sunday evening – you have just savoured a wonderful meal, the evening is still young, and you’re looking for the perfect way to finish – the icing on the cake. For instance, a Partagas Salomones LCDH can be smoked and is a fine solution for a relaxing event or perhaps a special occasion. The remarkably luxurious and earthy flavoured cigar, deserves an exquisite glass of red wine to accompany its opulence. If your relaxation time is not as precious as three hours, a Partagas Lusitanias Cigar is one of the most acclaimed double coronas which comprises of a full and strong flavour. The habano can be smoked for approximately just under two hours. Because Cuban cigars are made and smoked as a type of escapism from stress and worry, they are an idyllic extravagance to relax with.

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Top Left: Statue at the Park Hotel Vitznau, Top Right: Stunning hotel room view from the Park Hotel Vitznau, Bottom: Spa pool at The Dolder Grand Hotel. Both hotels are based in Switzerland

HEAD TO SWITZERLAND FOR AN OUTSTANDING SPA – Switzerland, the country who invented milk chocolate and edible chocolate gold. The population ranks highly for happiness levels, and perhaps it’s because of their lavish spas. A few years ago, Forbes broke down the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland with thee best spas, and we fell in love with the concept of The Dolder Grand Zurich, whose spa contains everything from a sauna, steam bath, solarium and plunge pool. A weekend wellness break is grandiose in price, but well worth a visit. Another spa to catch our eye is at the Park Hotel Vitznau. Along with a 12-meter-long aquarium (stretching floor to ceiling with countless fish), there is a heated pool overlooking spectacular mountain landscape views, an ice grotto and a range of recuperating treatments.

Top Left: A therapeutic Somadome, Top Right:  Luxury Cigar Lounge at Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, Bottom: Cohiba Behike 52

SPEND TIME IN A SOMADOME – If sitting crossed-legged at home as you tell your brain to stop thinking is not your idea of peaceful, but you would love to learn how to meditate, a Somadome could be the answer. Shaped like a dome, sitting inside the pod can have a number of health benefits. Combining LED colour therapy and binaural beats, the Somadome claims to guide you to meditation and relies on scientific research. For instance, the dome is made of ‘microcrystalline tiles’ to channel healing energies. A Somadome costs thousands to own, but there are some places dotted across the globe – particularly in America, where you can book and use for around 20 minutes. If meditation is not your thing, we are confident sleep is – who doesn’t like to wake up feeling replenished? Our answer is our post on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, featuring luxury products.

SPEND TIME AT A CIGAR LOUNGE – Not any cigar lounge though. Why not visit a beautifully decorated terrace or lounge where you can pair your habano magnificently with a fancy cocktail, glass of champagne or perhaps a cup of coffee? H. Upmann Cigars like the H. Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar tend to go well with tea like an English breakfast. If you are planning a city break, we suggest you travel to Milan. Italy is in the midst of a lounge culture, with cigar lounges cropping up throughout the country. In Milan nevertheless, you are spoilt for choice. Our 24 Hours in Milan: Restaurant and Cigar Lounges guide, tells you exactly where to go for food, drink, as well as where to smoke the best habanos.

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