How To Throw The Best Party for the World Cup and Wimbledon Final

How To Throw The Best Party for the World Cup and Wimbledon Final

Our marketing team in London is feeling pretty down and out after England’s loss in the World Cup last night and we’re sure the rest of England is feeling it too. Hearts are broken, dreams are put to bed and Summer feels like it’s already over, almost. Nevertheless, England shouldn’t let this defeat dampen their spirits, as the way the team played over the course of the event is something to be immensely proud of and it truly did give the country a start to Summer which will be remembered for years to come. 

Despite the tournament being over for England, the game must go on and the spirit of community and the appreciation of sporting talent should not be cast aside just because we’re no longer running the race.

So, this Sunday will be the Wimbledon Final and the World Cup Final falling on the very same day, which is cause for celebration already. Lets make the most of a sunny Sunday and the two most prestigious sporting events closing and follow our guide on how to host a fantastic feast for all of your friends and family.


Sundays always start a little later and a little slower, as people get their longest lie in before the working week begins. So ask your guests to make their way to yours for 1pm, which will give them plenty of time to make themselves comfortable and will let you say hello to all of your friends before the matches start.

1:30pm Brunch/ Lunch

Rather than a sit down lunch, we think offering a buffet of sorts would be suitable for such an event, giving people the chance to get into the game, but socialise at the same time. We’ll be opting for smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, with a handful of chives and plenty of black pepper. We’d also recommend heirloom tomatoes, chopped in half, roasted in the oven with dried basil and oregano, and drizzled with olive oil. A side dish of scrambled eggs with crème fraiche topped with crispy pancetta as well as a big bowl of salad, and toasted baguettes for people to break off and share. Very civilised if we say so ourselves.

Many of our cigars online would be the perfect accompaniment to this, but one we think would go perfectly during or after lunch is the Cohiba Siglo II with its petite format and plenty of Cohiba flavours, it’s the perfect accompaniment for a light and satisfying lunch. 

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The drink that would go wonderfully with these dishes and whilst watching Wimbledon would be Champagne, or for those that don’t drink alcohol, a glass of sparkling water, infused with strawberry and limes would be perfect.

3:30pm Snacks

Prior to the World Cup kicking off, it would be highly recommended that you provide your guests with some nourishment and something to soak up the copious amount of drinks they have surely drunk. We’ll be showing off our finesse in the kitchen with a platter of home-cooked sweet potato fries which have been roasted with a coating of rosemary, homemade red pepper hummus and taitziki served with (shhhhh) Jamie Oliver’s ‘Easy Flatbreads’. These are so easy to make and holy mother of God do they taste good! (Sure to impress!) 

The match is just about to begin by 4pm so it’s the ideal time to light up any of our Cuban cigars for sale and settle into the game. We’d recommend any of the bigger cigar sizes so as to allow yourself to enjoy the game. We think we’ll be having the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill, its heavy ring gauge will be sure to provide a balanced, but flavoursome smoke. 

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6pm Post Match Munchies

The match should be finished by now (depending on penalties and overtime) but this will mean your guests will probably be wanting something a little more substantial than carbs and dips. Taking inspiration from the teams that are playing we suggest serving up a selection of help- yourself dishes. Think Potato Gratin, baked to perfection with a crisp cheesy layer topped with thyme and chestnuts and a salmon en croute seasoned with lemon, chive and dill. And for Croatian inspired dishes to complement the heavier dishes here, would be to include a platter of meats and cheeses with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, allowing guests to pick and choose, as well as Punjena Paprike, which is a pepper stuffed with all things delicious, such as rice, onion, parsley, garlic and more. A feast fit for athletes, not really the people watching them, but delectable nonetheless.

As for Wimbledon, the finals will have been completed, but other matches will still be played including charity matches and invitation doubles. With plenty of fun still to be had, we’d serve desserts which don’t require a table and a sit down, but perhaps a plate of fresh fruit, pavlovas and strawberries and cream, of course.

Finishing the evening with any of our cigars online would be the ultimate closing for this years Summer sporting events and we’ll be making sure it will be something unforgettable, such as the Ramón Allones Hermitage Cigar (Ex. Rusia 2017)


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Will you be following our guide to throwing the best final party? Let us know in the comments section below!

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