Laguito No. 6 EGM Custom Blend Cigar Sampler Available for Sale

Laguito No. 6 EGM Custom Blend Cigar Sampler Available for Sale

There are certain times in the life of a smoker when samplers of Cuban Cigars prove to be more functional or desirable than any box. From the cigar beginner to the experienced smokers, samplers are a great way to either enter the smoking ritual or experience a newly released smoke for the first time. HAndmade by skilled torcedores, the Laguito No. 6 EGM Custom Blend Cigar Sampler is now available for sale in our online shop.


CIGAR SAMPLERS - There are so many words we can use to describe our selection of Cuban Cigar Samplers. Nonetheless, if we have to limit ourselves in using just one, that word would definitely be quality. Whether you purchase our custom rolls or any from our wide selection of cigar samplers, all the cigars in our samplers are premium and guarantee to deliver exceptional draw and burnability.

Home to four exceptional cigars, the All-Star Cigar Sampler is one of our all-time bestsellers. Al the cigars inside this sampler have proven to please aficionados with their unique flavours and irresistible aromas. The All-Star Sampler includes the Montecristo No. 2 Cigar, the Partagas Serie D. No. 4 Cigar, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected Cigar, and the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigar -  a quarteto of pure pleasure. Are you a fan of classic cigar formats or would you like to try the timeless Robusto vitola? Don't worry because the Robusto Cigar Sampler is here for you. The Robusto format is known for measuring at 125 mm long by a 50 ring gauge and is adored by amatuer smokers and aficionados alike. The Robusto cigar Sampler incloses three of the most popular cigars made in the Robustos vitola, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar, and the Ramon Allones Specially Selected Cigar.


Left: All-Star Cigar Sampler, Right: Robusto Cigar Sampler


LAGUITO NO. 6 - Handmade using the finest tobacco leaves from the most prominent tobacco plantations in the Pinar del Rio region, our Laguito No. 6 custom cigar sampler is as good as any smoke to come from premium brands, such as Cohiba, Montecristo, or Romeo y Julieta Cigars. Laguito No. 6 measures at 166 by a 56 ring gauge and delivers a medium flavoured profile packed with plenty of interesting aromas. Coming in the same format with the much sought after Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar, Laguito No. 6 is an iconic smoke that every type of cigar smoker should have inside their humidor.

Featuring one of the most popular formats for Cuban Cigars Online, the Laguito No. 6 Custom Cigar is a smoke that no true aficionado should miss out. Hurry up and get the LAguito No. 6 Custom Cigar Sampler from our Cuban Cigar Shop now. Discover more about the fascinating world of habanos from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.