Our Exciting Collaboration with Photographer Hechoencamera

Our Exciting Collaboration with Photographer Hechoencamera

If you read our interview with Hechoencamera on our Cuban cigar blog called ‘Our favourite Instagrammer who photographs Cuban cigars online’, you would have noticed that we said we were going to be collaborating with the photographer. Well the time has finally come to let you know what that collaboration is.

As is obvious, we’re very big fans of Robert’s photography (otherwise known as Hechoencamera) and we gave him the challenge of photographing some of the Cuban cigars for sale on our website.

The talented photographer received the cigars just three weeks ago and has made magic with them by truly encapsulating their luxurious and opulent feel; he sets the bar high for any other photographer ready to take on the challenge.

We’ll be sharing these remarkable photographs on our Instagram twice a day – for three days, so be sure to follow his and our Instagram to see his incredible flair for photography and get inspired for your next smoke.

Let us know what you think of this collaboration and Hecho’s work in the comments below and tell us what you think of the photos he's taken!