Partagas Festival in Havana: Inside Access to the Event

Partagas Festival in Havana: Inside Access to the Event

El Capitolio - National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba 


The time has come for one of the greatest calendar events of the year – and no, we’re not talking about Christmas itself, but Christmas in the cigar world. Otherwise known as the Partagas Festival. During the end of the year, aficionados from across the globe, gather together to buy Cuban Cigars, smoke the finest, and enjoy each others company. We are delighted to be heading back there once more, to celebrate with many friends, both old and hopefully new.

THE WEEKLY SCHEDULE – The Partagas festival brings together a convivial, celebratory atmosphere. An entire week of fun and activities, organised by Casa del Habanos Partagas. This year is particularly special, as 2018 marks the 500th Anniversary of Havana. Additionally, Casa Partagas has tremendous reason to rejoice, as they have received the First Place in Sales trophy. Beginning Monday 12th November, the festival will start with commemorating the success of La Casa del Habano Partagas. A welcome dinner is scheduled on Tuesday, followed by a Countryside Day on Wednesday, Beach Day on Thursday, and a Gala Dinner on the final night Friday. Starting at 7pm, everyone with gather to enjoy Habanos tasting, high-quality rums, auctions, and an artistic show. As we discussed with sommelier Adam Lajca at Corinthia Hotel London, rum is charming to pair with Cuban cigars – especially rum from Cuba. We cannot wait to share with you our thoughts on the cigars and which ones reign supreme as favourite.

Partagas Festival Havana - EGM Cigars

Program for the Partagas Festival


"Cuban cigar breaks through language barriers"

WHAT TO EXPECT – The most incredible food, smoking competitions, high-quality drinks, and an overall intake of the beauty of Havana. The beach day even consists of swimming with dolphins, and there are various trips to cultural and historic attractions. It’s really a family ambiance. Despite the numerous nationalities and people travelling from thousands of kilometres away from each other, the simple love of a Cuban cigar breaks through language barriers. You cannot compare the pleasure of enjoying handmade pieces of art in the country to which they are crafted. Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, the festival is arranged to ensure everyone has a fantastic time and walks away feeling more relaxed, knowledgeable and closer to the Habano community.  

A stunning view in Havana, by the El Capitolio building

"classic robusto loved far and wide"

PARTAGAS CIGARS – Known by millions, Partagas Cigars typically embody a full flavour and have a wide, varying selection of vitolas. Considered one of the oldest cigar brands in the world – established in 1845, we explored the company’s history in our post: Partagas Cigars: Dramatic History Behind the Brand. A past which entails everything from murder, ambitious tobacco dreams and a collection of drama. The Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar is a classic robusto loved far and wide. Earth flavours wrapped with spice to create a full-bodied smoke. The Partagas Serie No. 1 Cigar has been hand-rolled by the greatest torcedores and is an exceptional Limited Edition Cigar from 2017. With gifts soon to start wrapping, we believe a box of these for either yourself or to another, is sure to be wonderful.

With the countdown truly underway, we are getting more and more eager by the minute. Our bags are nearly packed, tickets and our favourite Cuban Cigars online ready, and our phones prepared. We will capture everything for you. Be sure to keep up with our blog and stay connected to our Instagram. In the meantime, why not catch up on our visit to the Encuentro Amigos de Partagas. Held in Italy and dedication to the celebration of Partagas, we took you along on your adventure back in July this year.