Paul de Sury on Cuban Cigars: An Interview

Paul de Sury on Cuban Cigars: An Interview

'Cuban Cigars are the only cigars in the world'

Paul de Sury is a Professor of Economics at the University of Turin, the author of various publications including the handbook ‘How to Survive the Andropause’ and a collection of satirical stories called ‘Smoking Seriously Harms Your Health’. Paul has been attending cigar festivals and events for many years now and is a serious enthusiast of Cuban cigars in particular.

Paul de Sury being interviewed for EGM Cigars

We met with him during the Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Festival, where he was joined by his wife and charming daughter and was kind enough to speak to us in the early afternoon of Saturday the 7th of July. 

How are you enjoying the festival so far?

It’s a fantastic event. It’s incredible that such a small town as this holds the second most important event in the world of Cuban cigars after the festival in Havana. I have been five or six times to the festival and when it started to turn into, how can I say, something more destined for people who are professionally involved in buying and selling cigars I got a bit bored. Whereas here I’m amongst cigars, Cuban cigar lovers and, of course, Cuban cigars are the only cigars in the world.

And what are your favourite cigars?

Well I smoke fresh cigars and as I have a Cuban wife, shall we say I have a privileged channel of access. If I smoke commercial cigars, I adore the Partagas Lusitanias Box of 50, not 25. And the cigar I’ve smoked most in my life is Juan López Seleccion No. 1 Cigar.

And why is that one your favourite?

Because it’s totally consistent, no surprises, right? You buy a box of Cohiba Lanceros and maybe out of 25, 10 you can smoke. But Juan Lopez No.1, not Juan López Seleccion No. 2 as I don’t smoke Robusto because I’m a compulsive smoker and a robusto for me becomes too hot. Coronas Gordas, Juan Lopez No.1 (Paul shows his love for the cigar by bumping his bottom lip over his top lip, raising his eyebrows and putting his hand and cigar to his heart), if I have to spend a lot of money then that would be my favourite. 

Paul de Sury’s career has seen him write essays on the financial markets, make regular contributions to Monsieur Magazine and fulfil professor roles at a number of Universities. It was great to see him relaxing at the festival and get into the spirit of things and with his Guayabera shirt and trilby, he certainly looked the part.

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