Punch ManTua Edición Regional Italia Cigar Review

Punch ManTua Edición Regional Italia Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry

Of all the innovations to be brought to Cuban Cigars by Habanos SA in the last 20 years the Edición Regional series is perhaps the most diverse.  With so many brands, distributors and vitolas involved the choice afforded to aficionados by the scheme is almost endless, and with each cigar created in small numbers, many go on to become quite collectable.  2018 saw the announcement, and 2020 the release, of a new regional cigar for Italy – the Punch ManTua.

Along with Ramon Allones, Punch is the brand Italy has gone to most often for its regional editions.  This particular stick is in the elegant Laguito No 2 size used for the Cohiba Especiales, 6” by 38 ring gauge, and will delight the smoker for around an hour.  Styled with a unique 1970s-style black Punch band, it is a delight for the eyes as well as the senses.

The unique black band which dresses the Punch ManTua.

The unique black band which dresses the Punch ManTua.

Construction: 10/10

  • A magnificent start to this cigar was the flawless construction. Beautifully silky colorado wrapper, perfectly uniform fill and the delicate pigtail twist at the cap – the signature of El Laguito.

Draw: 9/10

  • Almost as flawless as the construction was the draw, smoke flowing beautifully throughout the experience with only the slightest of effort.

Combustion: 10/10

  • The gentle smoulder of the tobacco on a vitola this slim is always impressive. This example never showed a hint of burning too quickly and never required a touch of assistance after its initial light.

Ash: 4/5

  • The ash hung firmly from the foot of the cigar, a benefit of the superb construction, and was only the faintest grey in colour.

The Punch ManTua with its delicate white ash.

The light colour of the ash is a sign of the ManTua's exceptional quality.

Smoke: 5/5

  • Constant streams of delicate blue-ish grey smoke flowed from the tip of the cigar for the duration.

Flavour: 22/25

  • The medium body and nutty, spicy character found in other Punch cigars was evident in this version also.

Overall: 33/35

  • A generally excellent cigar, from the first moment to the last, fully deserving of its place in the lexicon of desirable limited releases.

The ManTua is a truly excellent cigar.

This was an excellent cigar which I cannot wait to sample again.

Final Score: 93/100

  • This was my second experience of this exquisite cigar, and it has left me craving more to come. A sweet and mild initial third was full of buttery and shortbread flavours.  The smoke had a velvety mouthfeel which would pair with a creamy cappuccino.  This sweetness continued into the middle third and was accompanied by grassy tones, natural and refreshing – the perfect flavours for a sunny afternoon.  As the stick progressed these gave way to cedarwood, and into the final third the body grew stronger. Oak wood gradually replaced the cedar, cinnamon spice slowly replaced the sweetness and a final flourish of pure tobacco gave a crescendo to the palette as the burn approached my fingertips.  A terrific cigar which I cannot wait to sample again.