Summer Smokes - Cigars to enjoy by the pool.

Summer Smokes - Cigars to enjoy by the pool.

by Nick Hendry
Photography by Monica Molto
Model: Male Rivatla

There can be no better time to enjoy a Cuban Cigar that in the height of summer.  When the sun is at its peak the world seems to slow down a little to enjoy the warm rays, each of us affording ourselves the chance to bask a little and reinvigorate the body and soul after a long, dark winter.  These moments of luxuriating under the glow of the season seem perfectly suited to enjoying a cigar – calm and happy, alone with our thoughts and the flavours of our chosen stick.

When the temperature rises many of us will find our way to water to cool off a little when the heat strays from vitalising to oppressive.  Finding yourself caught in the full glare of the midday heat can turn what was meant to be a day of lounging and recharging into an uncomfortable and irritable afternoon.  Best, then, to take a place near a pool – be it in your hotel, a spa or even your own garden – for periodic dips to cool the skin and ensure your time in the sun is relaxed, not flustered.

Days by the pool, and days in the heat, can bring challenges when selecting a cigar to enjoy.  The heat may become overpowering, ruining the experience.  Putting the cigar down to dip in the pool regularly may result in absentmindedly soaking the stick when returning with wet hands.  Even our attire – most usually, poolside outfits do not have the pocket space a city look might – can influence our selection.  After all, secure carriage of our stick from the humidor to the pool is of paramount importance.  Here, we round up four excellent cigars that will guide you through the hot holiday afternoons we all hope to experience this summer.

Smoke a Cohiba Exquisitos by the pool



Cohiba Exquisitos

The Exquisitos is a perfect poolside smoke.  The Seoane vitola measures a slender 33 ring gauge by 5 inches long, giving around 15 minutes of enjoyment – perfect for between dips.  It may be the second smallest in the portfolio, but it is not light on Cohiba quality.  The trademark medium-full strength of the Linea Classica is evident and lighter, more floral flavours will pair perfectly with a refreshing beverage.

Enjoy a Trinidad Reyes in the sunshine

Trinidad Reyes

Expect notes of nuts, cream and mild spice from the Trinidad Reyes, and around 25 minutes of smoking time.  These cigars are always eye-catching because of their pigtail cap, the trademark of El Laguito, where the brand was born.  The Reyes measures 40 ring gauge by 4 3/8 inches in length, making it ideal for our afternoon in the sun.  The medium strength and warming flavours will elevate a rum cocktail and go towards providing a delightful summer break.

The H. Upmann Half Corona in a tin of 5 cigars

H. Upmann Half Corona

A light-bodied, short and sweet smoke.  The H. Upmann Half Corona is 15 minutes of the creamy, fruity blend loved by fans of the brand for over 170 years and will be equally suitable alongside a coffee or a caipirinha.  Only 3 ½ inches in length, but a respectable 44 ring gauge, this cigar is everything we need for a hot afternoon.  Not only does it provide lashings of flavour is a short space of time, the option of presentation in handsome tins of 5 make it perfect for slipping into the pocket of a robe before heading to the lounger by the pool.  It’s important we protect ourselves from the sun; it’s important we protect our cigars too.

The Linea Retro tin containing 5 Partagas Capitols

Partagas Capitols

Another cigar which comes in its own stylish protective tin.  The Capitols is a new addition to the Partagas range, arriving in 2020 as part of the new Linea Retro.  It’s the boldest choice on our list – all the full-bodied power we expect from Partagas presented in the beloved Mareva size.  Expect around 30 minutes of pepper and spice – ideal alongside a rum & coke (Cuban, of course) and also protected from mishaps by the retro casing it comes it.

We may, of course, find ourselves by the pool for longer periods of time at points in the summer that may warrant a larger, more time-filling cigar.  Evenings in company or alone watching the sun set from a lounger overlooking the water can provide some of our most cherished cigar memories.  It is always a good idea, though, to grab a day whenever we can to be fully spent sunbathing – these cigars will ensure the midday smoke enhances, rather than overwhelms the day.  Now all that is left is to choose the resort…

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