Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Cigar Aficionados

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Cigar Aficionados

Instagram has now become one of the biggest platforms where people go for inspiration. If you're trying to figure out your next holiday destination, you’ll look at Geotags on Instagram. If you’re looking for style inspiration you’ll scroll through your feed and see what other people are wearing. For everything and anything you can usually find it on Instagram. Interior Design, Restaurants, Creative Writing, Photography, you name it, it’s got it and cigars are one of them.

We are always on the lookout for cigar inspiration and find ourselves scrolling through our feeds admiring other people's take on Cuban cigars and the lifestyles they lead. In no particular order, here we have a list of our Top 10 Instagram Accounts and we reckon you’ll be following them asap, that is if you aren’t already.


    1. @domberga

Domberga a.k.a Dom has an Instagram whose bio reads ‘Follow me on my journey through the world of Cuban cigars, travel and style’. Personally, we think that sounds like a grand old time. This account does exactly that, giving its followers inspiration for smoking Cuban cigars, for their next adventure and what they might like to wear. What we like about this account is that it has an excellent mix of cigars, style and travel without seeming pretentious or showy off.


      1. @thecigarsmoker


The Cigar Smoker is an excellent source of inspiration, who has a fantastic collection of cigars. We particularly like the way the account evokes its passion for cigars through emojis and captions. The Cigar Smoker gives its followers regular pairing suggestions and posts the occasional unboxing video- which we’re very much a fan of.


      1. @cigar_magazine


This is a typical Instagram account dedicated to all things Cuban cigars, but it provides an excellent source of information and inspiration and it’s one account which we’ve followed from the very beginning. Its bio reads ‘a global corner sharing info on cigars and various fun topics’ which is I guess all you really want from an Instagram account. Regular reviews and discussions about certain Cuban cigars take place, go check it out if you want some inspiration.


      1. @thecigarstrategist


The Cigar Strategist has just over 233k followers, are you one of them? Well if you aren’t, you should be. The photos this account posts are prop heavy, which we really like. Offering inspiration for cigars, drinks, food, style and more. As well as this, the account gives a direct insight into the making of Cuban cigars by sharing photos from visits to factories for example. 


      1. @bestcigarsofig


This account features some of the most sought after cigars in the world and reposts ‘the best cigars of instragram’. We’re yet to be featured but we’re pretty sure it’s because haven’t used the hashtag #bestcigarsofig, otherwise we’d be all over it.


      1. @cigarvixen


We recently interviewed the Cigar Vixen for our Cuban Cigar Blog and her Instagram is an excellent source of information about cigars. The Cigar Vixen regularly updates her account by telling her followers what she’s currently smoking and giving reviews on them. Excellent account to follow if you want cigar recommendations or if you’d like to attend cigar events. 


      1. @marvelatwhiskey


“It’s all in the cut...” ____ As an amateur cigar aficionado, my appreciation for the smoke has grown with my love for whisky. Some things truly do go hand in hand. What is it about certain partnerships that bring out the best in each other..? ____ I’m not talking Bert and Ernie league here, but what do you enjoy pairing with your pour? ____ Cheers to smokin’ Tuesdays y’all! ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ #whisky #whiskey #bourbon #cigar #marvellegends #superheroes #craftbrew #toyphotography #toycollection #toycommunity #toyart #cigars #cigarporn #cigaraficionado #cigarsociety #cigaroftheday #cigarlife #mens #manstyle #mensstyle #relaxation #chillout #partnerincrime #cigarlady #deadpool #streetfighter #deadpool2 #drinking #rum #marvelatwhisky

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This one is more of a novelty one, but one we couldn’t help but include. Without giving too much away, it’s an account which uses superhero figurines and places them with whiskey bottles. It’s a fun account and one that gives us a giggle. Go take a look for some light-hearted fun.   


      1. @luca_rubinacci


‘Hello everyone’. Luca Rubinacci is the only account you have to go to for style inspiration and the ultimate gentleman dressing tips. Honestly, we’ve watched every video he’s posted and we still can’t get enough of his catch phrase. How about you?


      1. @fabioattanasio


The Bespoke Dudes, are simply just that. This iconic duo give style tips out left right and centre. Quintessentially stylish and casually coifed, they’re the ultimate style inspiration.


      1. @egm_cigars



We might be bias, just a little, but if there’s one account you simply have to follows its ours. Okay, we’re joking, but we do think our Instagram is pretty darn cool. Go check it out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think (and obviously give us a follow).