7 Common Humidor Problems and How to Fix Them?

7 Common Humidor Problems and How to Fix Them?

We can’t think of anything worse than taking the time to put any of the cigars for sale on our website into a humidor and having the patient to wait to smoke them at a later date, only to find upon taking them out years later that they have become very dry or the wrappers have taken a bit of a battering. 

The very thought of any of our stock, like the Trinidad Topes cigars (heaven forbid), or worse still, any of our pre embargo cigars becoming too dry over time is something that keeps us up at night. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of common problems you may face when storing your classic Cuban cigars and offer solutions and helpful tips to stop these from happening; and let us get a good night’s sleep!


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Your cigars are stored too close to the humidifier: Any cigars kept near to the humidifier should be kept in aluminium tubes, like the Romeo y Julieta cigars no 2, or be kept at a decent distance from the humidifier. We also highly recommend inserting a layer of veneer, which you can find in cigar boxes, between the humidifier and the cigars.

The evaporation surface of your humidifier is too big: In relation to your humidor, the evaporation surface should be smaller. One simple and cost effective way to fix this would be to cover a section of the humidifier with adhesive tape. Another way, which might be more effective, is to buy a smaller humidifier.


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Cause: Solution

The evaporation surface of your humidifier is too small: As is obvious, if your cigars are drying out that means your humidifier isn’t doing its job and you might need to replace it. Better yet install a self-regulating humidifier with excellent air flow function.   

Your new humidor and its dry wood is absorbing the moisture from the air: At regular intervals, humidify the internal wood of the humidor with a damp cloth. We suggest doing this every few hours.


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Humidors with trays can obstruct the humidifier: You can remove the tray or drill small holes in it so as to allow the air to be distributed more evenly. Or on the other hand, as before, install a self-regulating humidifier.

Cabinet humidors with drawers can also prevent the even distribution of moisture: It would be most beneficial if you remove a few drawers and place the humidifier at the back of the cabinet. We suggest storing the cigars in their boxes too so as to ensure they are better protected.


Cause: Solution

Untreated surfaces/separators: By varnishing dividing strips and the slots in the tray with clear lacquer you will effectively protect the MDF from smelling.

The wood lining may have become over-humidified: The only way to solve this is to re-line the humidor; Spanish cedar is known to be the most advantageous to humidifying cigars.

The wood lining is unsuitable: See previous.


Excessive moisture levels, causing leaks from the humidifier: First, we would check the cigars for mould and confirm that it is not cigar plume. Any that are mouldy should be thrown away (cringe). We then recommend wiping the humidor with a damp cloth and then sanding down the lining with sandpaper (remove all dust). After this you should dry the humidor out with a hairdryer and then re-stock.


Fluctuations in humidity causes the filler to expand and break through the wrapper: By keeping humidity levels constant you reduce the chances of this happening. As previously mentioned, the best way to do this is by installing a self-regulating humidifier.


Your humidor is too big for storing your small collection: By placing large boxes into the humidor, you are able to reduce the amount of space in your humidor.

Regularly airing your humidor: We recommend never airing your humidor. Instead, we’d suggest reducing the size of your humidifier or, YOU GUESSED IT, installing a self-regulating humidifier.

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Should you feel you need any more advice or any other questions answered, please feel free to contact us. Our team are happy to help with anything and everything Cuban cigar related.