What To Do With Your Dad on Father's Day: Our 6 Top Ideas

What To Do With Your Dad on Father's Day: Our 6 Top Ideas

With less than a week until Father’s Day the pressure is on to really show him this year how much you have appreciate his love and support.  We’ve collated a list of things you can do with him this weekend to make him feel appreciated and these are activities we think will make for a wonderful memory. What’s even better are that these are all activities which can be enjoyed with a Cuban cigar- He’s going to love you (even more than he already does).


Play Golf on Father's Day

A game of golf on the green is the perfect activity for Fathering Sunday: Photo from www.guyangolfandcountryclub.com

We propose setting off early to the driving range and enjoying a round of 18 holes with your Father this coming Sunday. Whether it’s something you’ve done together since you were a child or it’s something new to you both this year, it really is a fantastic sport which you can both get competitive over or just relish in the time spent together. Whatever you decide, we recommend the Cohiba Behike 52 for sale on our website when bonding over your pars.


Go for lunch with your Dad this Father's Day

Homemade Polenta, dished up at the restaurant in Miramonti Hotel. Photo from www.miramonticorteno.com.

Perhaps your father isn’t as much of a sports-person as he is a foodie. If that’s the case, we recommend taking him for a lovely Sunday lunch with a fantastic smoking terrace or cigar lounge. Be sure to take him to his favourite spot or take him somewhere new where you know they are serving some of his favourite foods and a place where he can smoke some of his beloved cigars. Any of our Hoyo de Monterrey cigars would make for an excellent accompaniment to a ‘digestif’ but we highly recommend the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2.


Some fathers have a passion for cars and driving them. We think arranging a driving experience for your Dad this Father’s Day could be both fun, exhilarating and entertaining- definitely something he will be sure to enjoy. There are a number of different types of Driving Experiences you can book, including Super Cars, Tanks and Bikes to name a few. 


One of our team has gone fishing with her father every year since she can remember, enjoying taking the boat out, casting their rods and seeing what the day brings in. She says that it's one of her favourite things to do together and we can understand why. Sitting by a lake, or river has always been seen as a place of reflection and what better person to reflect with than a person who has seen you grow from a child into an adult. We can only imagine all of the stories you might bring up, let alone the fish you might catch.


Go Hiking with your Dad this Father's Day

Experience breathtaking views like this at Albergo Miramonti Hotel & Spa. Photo from www.miramonticorteno.com.

This activity is a fantastic thing to do before dinner to build up an appetite and one you can do with the whole family. If you’re lucky enough to have a local hiking trail nearby it could be the perfect chance to get to know your area a little better, or to go further afield and take your Dad to somewhere he’s yet to explore. We recommend you buy Montecristo cigars online for an activity such as this, as the Open series were created with this in mind. We think the Montecristo Open Eagle for sale is the ideal choice for a hike in the grand outdoors.


Because nothing says Father’s Day like him standing over the BBQ doing what he *thinks*  he does best (we’re joking Dad’s of course you’re the best at BBQs). We’d recommend buying some of his most loved foods and letting him cook them whilst he tokes on his favourite stogie.

We have an extensive collection of Cuban cigars online suitable for any Father and any activity, so why not take a look and make his day this weekend.

See our previous post on our Cuban Cigar Blog called The Best Cuban Cigars and Gifts for Father's Day for further inspiration and let us know what you’ve got planned in the comment section below.