Cigar World Championship Finals in Croatia

Cigar World Championship Finals in Croatia

Photo: Macanduo Inspirado Marevas Cigars - Cigar Smoking World Championship

The moment is here. As a Cuban cigars company, we can't wait to see how the next two days will transpire for one of the biggest dates in the cigar calendar.

In Croatia’s second-largest city Split, surrounded by spectacular beaches and crystal waters, a festival of cigar aficionado’s and novices will be exploding to the island this weekend to attend the Cigar World Championship Finals. Since 2010, the competition has drawn people from all over the world, to compete in attempting to slow-smoke a Macanudo Inspirado Marevas Cigar (developed specifically for the competition) for the longest time possible. Current world record is held by Alexander Shagai from Russia, who managed an impressive 186 minutes and 15 seconds.

On a yearly basis, qualifying tournaments take place across the globe in more than 30 countries, everywhere from Miami, Russia, Dominican Republic, Germany and the UK (to name a few). The contest is organised by Split’s famous cigar club – Club Mareva, with the club founder Marko Bilic creating the competition. Bilic won the prestigious Cigar Trophy for cigar ambassador of the world. His enthusiasm for cigars and enjoyment for time with great people, led to him changing the face of cigar history. The Cigar World Championship is not just about the competition itself, but the friendships, experience and atmosphere created. Gourmet dinners, high-quality cigars and celebratory music will all be on show.

To win World Champion, is to become a cigar celebrity, with numerous press features and recognition in top cigar clubs and communities in just about every location. Mark Bilic’s cigar dream has made a country with a lack of cigar culture, now popular with cigar fanatics, and a community of luxury smokers, closer together than ever before.

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