Guantanamera cuban cigars

The world of Cuban cigars has to become a passion for all pockets. This is exactly what Habanos SA's product managers must have thought when they launched this brand after introducing the first of their product range in 2002.

So, why are Guantanamera cigars so attractive and appealing to beginners and aficionados alike looking to experience the best of Cuban cigars?

  • They offer a light and subtle taste.
  • The tobacco used comes from the world renowned Vuelta Arriba plantations.
  • This area is perhaps the second most important area for the production of tobacco leaves and offers a point of differentiation when compared to other popular brands and their products such as Bolivar Cuban cigars.

Guantanamera cigars offer a premium smoking experience and a fair and affordable price. The cigars are able to remain cheap because they are provided pre-cut and ready for immediate use. Meaning the cigars can be machine made before being individually packaged in a plastic envelope or in plastic tubes.

  • Affordable, high quality and packed full of flavour.
  • Machine made so you can expect consistent quality when purchasing from this trusted brand.
  • Packaged individually for your convenience.

It is common knowledge that Cuban cigars can be fairly expensive for private customers (here at EGM cigars, you can get the best products at the best possible price!). These prices increase even more if you are approaching the realms of limited or regional editions - the pinnacle for any serious cigar collector! However, we recognise that not everyone wants or needs to jump straight into the most expensive and premium products. We hope that you find what you are looking for in our range of Guantanamera cigars and the more affordable prices that these products offer.