Le Grand COHIBA S.T. Dupont Lighter

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The perfect blend of style and luxury – the Cohiba Le Grand Lighter is the latest brainchild of S.T. Dupont's collaboration with Habanos SA.

True to their tradition, the precise details and vibrant colours convey a sense of unparalleled and uncompromising craftsmanship. Just like the handpicked - triple fermented - leaves that comprise a perfect Cohiba cigar, the natural lacquer finish, premium metal body, and intricate  design make this lighter truly perfect. The design is completed with the signature Cohiba Indian Head insignia in yellow gold finish. So light up your cigar with the Le Grand Cohiba Lighter and you’re sure to impress your fellow cigar aficionados at the next party.

  • Dual Flame System (Soft and Jet flames)

  • Natural black and yellow lacquer

  • Yellow gold finish

  • S.T. Dupont engraved logo