Jet Flame Cohiba

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The new Cohiba Jet Flame Cuban Cigar Lighter is perfectly formed and has a unique function. This metal lighter has a very hot jet flame which greatly increases the speed in which a cigar can be lit. Normal lighters have a significantly less hot flame in comparison. In addition, in the middle of the golden Taino head lies the noble cigar brands logo.

The edges are dark with the middle section again in a gold. The Cohiba Jet Flame Cigar Lighter comes in a neat gift package making it an ideal present for any cigar smoking friends. With perfect dimensions of 3.1cm width, a height of 7.4cm and a depth of 1.3cm, this lighter is perfectly sized to fit in any pocket.

Cohiba is considered by some to be the premium brand of Cuban cigars in the industry. Only the top five tobacco farms are allowed to deliver tobacco for the creation of the Cohiba cigars. In addition to this, a third fermentation in oak barrels must occur giving it a very special taste. What better way to appreciate these cigars than to have them paired with a premium lighter such as the Cohiba Jet Flame Lighter.