Jet Flame Trinidad Lighter

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The Trinidad Jet-Flame Lighter in metal is 7.5 cm high, 3.2 cm wide and 1.4 cm deep, which makes it the perfect fit for any pocket.

Appearance and Function

A hot jet flame ensures that your cigars are lit in seconds so that the cigar can be enjoyed instantly. The lighter is lavished in gold colour with a high gloss, which makes this lighter really stand out. In the lower third of the lighter, the world-famous Trinidad logo can be found.

Trinidad Cuban cigars are amongst some of the best in the world and Trinidad is considered to be one of the most prestigious brands from Habanos S.A. Fidel Castro himself enjoyed a Trinidad Cigar on the odd occasion. The brand was established in 1969 and was for a long time only available to the Cuban government and heads of state. It was only in 1998 that the Cuban cigars were released to the general public. 

The Trinidad Jet-Flame lighter comes packaged in an appealing black gift wrap which makes it ideal to be given as a gift to any cigar smoker. To many, this product is one of the most appealing and well designed Cuban cigar lighters on the market.

Perfect for lighting the following cigars: