S.T. Dupont Le Grand 'Cigar Club' Lighter

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The Le Grand S.T. Dupont Cigar Club Lighter is a sleek and stylish cigar lighter made with premium materials of gold and natural black lacquer for a luxurious finish. Its design is inspired by true cigar aficionados and celebrates living life to the fullest. In front, reads the words 'Le Grand Cigar Club' with a number of gold accents, reminiscent of a cigar box. This Limited Edition cigar lighter is definitely an eye-catching cigar accessory to use on special occasions.

Thanks to S.T. Duponts innovative flame technology, the 'twin flames' function allows you to switch from a soft flame to a blue flame. With this feature, you will have an effortless experience in heating up your Cuban cigars.

This lighter makes an excellent gift for any aficionado.

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 Material Yellow Gold and Natural Lacquer