Pirámide Cigar Sampler (Pack of 3)

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Our very own Pirámide Cigar Sampler contains three of the most loved Pirámide vitolas from the best Cuban cigar brands and is only available through our website.

The Piramide Vitlola has been a popular sized cigar for sale since its conception and continues to be admired by cigar aficionados worldwide, which is why we have decided to create our own sampler pack.

This unique format measures at 156 mm in the length and 52 ring gauge.

A torcedor takes much more care when creating cigars in this vitola compared to those with a rounded head. This is because of its ‘torpedo shaped head’ which without first-rate skills would be almost impossible to craft. The Piramide shape gives the smoker the opportunity- by deciding on the position of the cut- to customise the intensity and concentration of the cigar. This means the smoker can add extra depth to the aromas and flavours they will experience.

The Pirámide Sampler contains the three following cigars:

The Montecristo No.2 is highly appreciated for delivering classic Montecristo flavours in an exquisite format. 

The Diplomatico No.2 provides the smoker with medium-full flavours and perfect for the experienced smoker.

Light to medium flavoured, the H. Upmann No. 2 Cigar is perfect for a post-dinner smoke and will provide just over 1 hour of smoking pleasure. 

The Cuban Cigars in every EGM Cigar Sampler Pack are packed in a clear ziplock before being inserted into a sturdy pillow box for safe travel.