24 Hours in Milan: Restaurants and Cigar Lounges

24 Hours in Milan: Restaurants and Cigar Lounges



Milan, the capital for fashion, architecture and delectable cuisine. Before you assume pizza and pasta is strictly on the menu, take a look at our 24-hours guide to find exactly where to go to enjoy your Milano break. We have included the best restaurants,  positioned perfectly near excellent cigar lounges, with superb spots to smoke Cuban Cigars.


California Bakery - 24 hours Milan - EGM Cigars blog

Top: Pancakes - can be served with various toppings, Bottom Left: Freshly-made croissants, Bottom Right: Yoghurt, granola and fruit. Breakfast photos from the delicious California Bakery


CALIFORNIA BAKERY: Before you raise your eyebrows in a look of concern, as I tell you to go to Milan and visit a place called California Bakery, you should know this delightful chain of cafes has spread like wildfire throughout the territory of Milan. We recommend heading to the Piazza Sant’Eustorgio 4 chain, which is in walking distance from the columns of San Lorenzo. With tables outside, you can freely sit and watch the world go by. Along with vegan options such as Vegan Almond and Carrot Cake, you can expect to gorge on a selection of pancakes, French toast, Homemade Brioche, as well as organic eggs cooked in any style.

Address of California Bakery:  Piazza Sant'Eustorgio 4, Milan, +39 02 391 1750


OSTERIA DEL TRENO - If a Milan cigar lounge is on your itinerary, this is where you go to eat lunch beforehand. Originally born as a club for railway workers, today this characteristic tavern is the ideal hub to eat Milanese cuisine. This tavern is extremely popular with Milanese journalists. Situated near the Central Train Station, meal options include a tasting menu based on fresh fish, which has clear references to Como cuisine. Vegetarian options are available.

Address of Osteria del Treno: Via S. Gregorio, 46, 20124 Milan, +39 02 670 0479 

Hotel Gallia 24 Hours Milan - EGM Cigars

Top Left: Cigar Lounge, Bottom Left: Hotel exterior, Right: Terrazza Gallia Rooftop Bar. Photos from the exquisite Excelsior Hotel Gallia

After Lunch:

EXCELSIOR HOTEL GALLIA - Closeby from the Osteria del Treno tavern, this opulent hotel features bespoke furniture and décor made by local designers and artisans. Full of various facilities, we highly recommend the cigar lounge on the ground floor. This lounge offers the highest-quality Cuban Cigars in a relaxing environment. After smoking, head to the stunning rooftop restaurant to glimpse the most incredible views. Called the Terrazza Gallia, this glamorous dining experience provides traditional Italian dishes with a modern touch. Please note however, prices match the luxury prestige.

Address of Excelsior Hotel Gallia: Piazza Duca D'Aoasta 9, 20124, Milan, +39 02 67851

TERRAZZA 12 BAR – For a less expensive or informal option, the Terrazza 12 Bar (also a lounge restaurant) is positioned outdoors and on top of the Brian & Barry department store. Here you will see breath-taking views of Milan, besides drinks and a superior gourmet.

Address of Terazza 12 Bar: Terrace 12, Via Durini 28, Brian & Barry building, Piano 10, 20122 Milano MI 

The Doping Club - 24 Hours Milan - EGM Cigars

Inside The Doping Club at the Yard Hotel. Intimate and classic interior. Photos from The Doping Club

Happy Hour:

THE DOPING CLUB - At the Yard Hotel, The Doping Club is a favourite of ours to smoke and drink in peace. Picture classic elegance, antiques and Old-English furniture. Behind the bar, the bartenders mix up an assortment of concoctions. We suggest a Negroni (a cocktail made from gin, vermouth and Campari) to compliment a La Flor de Cano Casanova Cigar. This habano is a Regional Editions Cigar (ex. Italia 2016) and composes a flavour of mild vanilla sweetness, black pepper and Chinese five spice. We believe it's the ideal combination before a dinner and a night with friends.

Address of The Doping Club: The Yard Hotel, Piazzi Ventiquattro Maggio 8, 20123 Milan, +39 02 8941 5901

LA TERRAZZA DI VIA PALESTRO – A prime site for more wondrous, panoramic views, this terrace on the fourth floor of the Swiss Centre (Centro Svizzero Milano), overlooks the beautiful and serene garden Indro Montanelli. The menu extends to cocktails, appetisers, Italian cuisine and seafood dishes.

SWISS CORNER: Go down a floor, you arrive at the Swiss Corner cocktail lounge. This bar is exceptional to attend in June and July, and is typically frequented by young entrepreneurs and employees of the fashion sector, due to the bar’s proximity to prominent offices. 

Address of La Terrazza Di Via Palestro and Swiss Corner: Via Palestro, 2, 20121 Milan, +39 02 7602 8316

Damm-Atra Restaurant - 24 Hours Milan - EGM Cigars blog

Top: Trio of mousse, Bottom Left: Traditional veal cutlet, Right: Tagliatelle dish. Appetising food photos from Damm-Atra


With so many restaurants in the city, choosing where to feast for your last meal can be challenging. However, take it from us, you can’t go wrong with dining at these eateries:

DAMMA-ATRA' - One of the few genuine Milanese restaurants, Damm-atra' is by the Navigli area. Here you can find classics such as risotto allo zafferano (saffron risotto), cotoletta (veal breaded cutlet) and chisolini (fried bread). The restaurant is fantastic for a vegetarians and gluten-free eaters who have a great variety to choose from.

Address of Damm-atra': Via Elia Lombardini 1, 20143, Milan, +39 02 5811 1224

AL GARGHET - Another place for typical, Milanese food, Al Garghet is around a 10-minute drive from the city centre, but its peaceful surroundings will make you feel lost in the countryside. The atmosphere and décor is warm and cosy, and if you are around at Christmas, the restaurant is a must to go to – the lights during the festive season are spectacular. At Al Garghet, we particularly like the garden outside and the portion sizes which are very generous. Please note, this restaurant is booked-up quickly, so reserving a table is advised.

Address of Al Garghet: Via Selvanesco, 36, 20141, Milan, +39 02 534698

Ceresio 7 - 24 Hours Milan - EGM Cigars blog

Top Left: Outside Bar area, Top Right: Inside dining area, Bottom: One of the outdoor pools. Photos from the stunning Ceresio 7

After-dinner smoke:

CERESIO 7 - Considered one of the best rooftop bars in Milan, this restaurant and pool is the brainchild of Dsquared fashion designers Dan and Dean Caten. Located on the top floor of the historic Enel building, you can admire the city skyline (nearby is the Newport area with the famous vertical forest), smoke, and drink a long island. Altogether, the space comprises of a cigar room, bar, two pools and dining. The interior is an infusion of vintage glam. 

Address of Ceresio 7: Via Ceresio, 7, 20154, Milan, +39 02 3103 9221

Other note-worthy place to discover:

LARUSMIANI BOUTIQUE - In the heart of the Milanese fashion district, this boutique dates back to 1954 and is one of the oldest in tailor-made clothing. Known as one of the ten best boutiques in the world, Larusmiani signifies luxury, using the greatest natural fibres in cotton, cashmere, wool, silk and linen. If you want a long-lasting, special bespoke suit made, we advocate booking an appointment.

Address of Larusmiani: Via Monte Napoleone, 7, 20121, Milan, +39 02 7600 6957

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