Cigar Ashtrays

Cuban Cigar Ashtrays

This collection displays all of the Cuban Cigar Ashtrays currently on our website. We are able to ship these securely to any location worldwide.

Ashtrays are a very important item for all smokers and especially cigar smokers. When chosen carefully, they can be a beautiful addition to any cigar lounge or smoking area. In this collection, you will find a wide range of ashtrays specifically designed for the Cuban Cigars smoker.

This category features only the highest quality ceramic products decorated with the emblems of the best Cuban cigars brands such as Cohiba, Trinidad and Montecristo

As every cigar aficionado knows, the cigar should be left to extinguish gently, alone and without haste. There is no better place for this to happen than resting in a symbolic ashtray depicting the image of your favourite brand.