Regional editions

Regional Edition Cuban Cigars

This collection contains all of the Regional Edition Cuban Cigars for sale on our website. These are available to buy now and ready to be shipped to any location worldwide. 

In 2005, Habanos S.A. introduced the Regional Editions concept, which comprises of very special and limited Cuban Cigars for sale exclusively in a regional market. All of the cigars in this collection are initially only available to purchase for two years, before Habanos S.A. decides whether they are worth putting into Regular Production.

A Regional Edition Cigar must be of Limited Production in a standard Habanos Vitola which has not been used by that particular brand yet. They are also not to be sold outside of the distributors area for the initial 12 months.

In this section you will find the most important and widest selection of regional editions currently available in production since Cuban Cigars were produced. The regional editions are only officially available for one or two years As these regional editions are by their very nature limited, you may also enjoy browsing our selection of Limited Edition Cuban Cigars.