Cigar cases

Cuban Cigar Cases

In this section you can find your favourite Cuban cigar cases all designed with the logo of famous Cuban cigar brands, such as Montecristo Cuban Cigars and Romeo y Julieta Cigars. Ideal for keeping your best cuban cigars in perfect condition.

Cuban Cigar Cases are a key accessory when it comes to keeping cigars in pristine and safe condition, but can also look stylish and smart, which is exactly what are cases are.  Many are made of leather, which are coated to avoid damage and deterioration not only to the case itself but of the products inside too. 

We believe cigar accessories should not stop at ashtrays and lighters. A well made, beautifully designed cigar case is a functional and effective tool to get the most out of your favourite Cuban Cigars and something we think every cigar aficionado needs. 

Many of the cigar cases in this section are unique because of their shape, colours and branding, but what they all share, is the ability to protect your cigars as well as making you look effortlessly stylish.