Cigar Vixen: A Female Cigar Smoker's Idol

Cigar Vixen: A Female Cigar Smoker's Idol

Cigar Vixen, otherwise known as Delicia Silva, is a sensation in the cigar world who has rated some of the best cigars for sale. Since starting her multi-hyphen career as a model, cigar reviewer and travel and cigar show host, Delicia has quickly become one of the most trusted sources for everything to do with cigars. 

We got to chat with her about where it all started, her very first cigar, what she thinks of the increasing amount of female cigar smokers, and much more.


What inspired the name Cigar Vixen?

Oddly enough I don't have an interesting story for the name Cigar Vixen, although I am often asked. I remember when creating the brand, I literally had a scratch pad of paper and a series of names that sounded good with the word "cigar" or "stogie", in the end I just liked the way the two words sounded together. I also thought "Cigar Vixen" would draw attention and be easy to remember.

Describe the cigar world in 3 words?

Classy. Timeless. Relaxing.


What was your first cigar?

Unfortunately, my first cigar isn’t worth mentioning (Delicia laughs). The first cigar I smoked actually made me feel quite sick. However, to be fair, I don't think it was the cigar, but rather a day of too much sun, too much alcohol and not enough food! I had been celebrating one of my cousin's birthdays with my family and at the end of a long day my uncles invited me to have a cigar with them and a glass of whisky. I had no idea how to smoke a cigar and if memory serves me correct, I probably inhaled which is why I got sick. After that experience, I was genuinely intrigued to learn how to smoke a cigar and went to hang out with my oldest brother who at the time worked at a cigar lounge. But, the first memorable cigar I smoked was a Padron 1964 Anniversary and after that, I fell in love with cigars!


You’ve visited Cuba and spoke about it in your amazon series ‘The Cigar Vixen’, what was your favourite thing about the country?

My favourite thing about Cuba was the music! As much as I love cigars, I love music even more. Seeing, hearing and dancing to the music of Cuba was my favourite part of each visit there.


For our readers that are going or hope to visit Cuba, can you recommend them something to do?

Have a cigar and rum at Hotel Conde de Villanueva (cigar shop inside), enjoy some live music and a mojito at Hotel Nacional, stop and see Hemmingway’s house and if possible spend some time at Varadero beach.


Can you tell us a little bit more about Cigar Vixen?

Since I began my YouTube channel back in 2012, I continue to produce honest cigar reviews, cigar pairings, cigar lifestyle content and Weekly Top 5 recommendations. In addition, I am currently producing my second season of The Cigar Vixen show- a series on cigars and travel which can be found on Amazon Prime. I host and promote various cigar events across the globe, I promote the cigar industry with unique custom videos as well as social media content, including an annual wall calendar that I produce which is available on Recently I have added consulting to my portfolio. But mostly, I just smoke cigars!


What’s your favourite pairing of the moment?

Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum and the Muestra de Saka Unicorn.


And your favourite cigar and why? 

Believe it or not I don’t have one favourite cigar - it would be like trying to choose a favourite song. Rather, my favourite kind of a cigar would be a well aged maduro in a lancero.


Out of our collection, which cigar would you want unlimited amounts of?

I would probably go for the Vintage Cohiba Corona Especiales.


Who are your heroes in real life?

My real life hero is my Dad; he has always been my rock. My other heroes are the men and women who have given their lives serving our country.

 What has been your proudest achievement in the cigar world?

Humbly, my proudest achievement in the cigar world has been starting my company with just an idea, very little money and no background whatsoever and seeing it grow to be recognized and watched by people all across the globe.

In a very male dominated industry, have you felt any adversary for being a woman?

 Perhaps a little at first. Six years ago when I first started in the cigar scene, there weren’t that many females and so naturally I felt the initial stares or silly comments etc. Especially since there really wasn't a job description for what I was doing, I pretty much have made my own rules up along the way. However, now I am so happy to see more women in the cigar world -both on the consumer side as well as within the industry.

What would you tell someone who wants to begin smoking but feels intimidated or worried about feeling inferior?

I would encourage them to visit their local lounge and light up a stick! Cigars are meant to be enjoyed, not to create stress. Most people will find that a cigar lounge is a friendly environment, if you're not sure what you’re doing, just ask.

You once wrote an article for Cigar Advisor Magazine entitled ‘Ladies of the Leaf’, have you heard of the hashtag #SOTL and #shesmokestoo? What do you think of these?

I think it’s great to see so many female cigar smokers and even better that we have our own hashtags to promote it via social media. I have met plenty of men who love that their wives and girlfriends smoke with them. Even better is that I have met many single women who simply enjoy the relaxation of a fine cigar. My favourite aunt growing up smoked cigars so I never thought it was odd to see a women smoking.

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