Can You Revive a Dried-Out Cigar?

Can You Revive a Dried-Out Cigar?

If you read our article about The Importance of Humidity in storing Cuban cigars, you’ll know that it’s a crucial part in the longevity and maintenance of your cigar. Often enough aficionados encounter a cigar, which is devastatingly dry. Many may ask themselves the question – what do I do now? Do I smoke it in the hope it’ll be okay? The answer to that is no. Should I just throw them away? Again, not necessarily. There are some contributing factors as to whether Cuban cigars online are revivable or not – but fear not aficionados! Today we will give you the low-down on bringing your cigar back to life.

IS MY CIGAR REVIVEABLE? – When it comes to reviving dry cigars, you need to act on time. The condition of your stogie will determine whether it can bounce back or not. If the cigar has faced an extensive period of non-humidification, then sadly there’s not much hope. You should also keep an eye out for any signs of cracking. If there are already cracks beginning to appear, then there is not much chance of the cigar being enjoyable. Before we jump into what you can do to revive your cigar – let us ask you one thing. To prevent finding yourself in this critical situation, you should consistently check on your Cigar Humidor and ensure that your cigars are in the correct storage conditions.


HOW TO REVIVE A DRY CIGAR – There are several ways in which aficionados choose to revive their cigars. Today, we will tell you one of the simpler methods. There is one thing you need to be aware of before starting this process. If you keep your dry cigars with your wet cigars – this will create future issues. The dry cigar will draw out the moisture from the wet cigars. If this happens it’ll just bring you even more casualties. So, please ensure that you keep the two separate during this procedure.

 Davidoff Office Humidor Macassar Palladium. egm cigars

The Davidoff Office Humidor - Macassar Palladium.

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The S.T. Dupont Humidor - Brown.

  • METHOD – Now, the main element of this process is time and patience. This is no quick fix; this is a process that could take weeks even months, depending on the severity of the situation. As we said, you need to keep your wet cigars and your dry cigars in separate humidors. So start by separating the two. With your cigars in the humidor, you want to begin with a 65% humidity level. As mentioned, this is a slow process – starting with a lower humidity level is necessary to ease the cigars back to life. Allow the cigars time and keep monitoring your humidor. Give them a gentle feel now and then – once they’re beginning to feel suppler, you can gradually up the humidity level. You want to continue this process until the cigars reach a steady humidity level of 70%. This is their proper humidification level. As great as it is that they will be revived – there is something to bear in mind. They will be no means be as enjoyable as they initially would’ve been. Think of them as an injured athlete. Sure, the athlete can recover and be great at their sport again. But they often cannot bounce back to the athlete they initially were. 


There you have it; a simple method you can use to revive your dried-out cigars. We hope that this helps any of you aficionados that find yourself in this heart-breaking place. We know that this situation is not always going to turn around and sometimes you are going to have to let go of your dried-out smokes. So, if you're too late, don’t forget to check out or cigars for sale online and re-stock. In the meantime, head over to our Cuban cigar blog for more cigar tips: