Cuban Cigars and Sports: An Ongoing Affair

Cuban Cigars and Sports: An Ongoing Affair

Sports have always been synonymous with discipline and healthy lifestyle. Acclaimed athletes and famous sports stars are responsible for maintaining an excellent physical and mental condition, renouncing all habits that could possibly lower their overall performance, such as unhealthy eating, alcohol drinking, and cigar smoking. Nevertheless, Cuban Cigars and sports seem to share a long-established affair. As we have looked in past blog posts, sports have been nurturing athletes into becoming cigar aficionados for the last few centuries. That been said, today we take a look into the close relationship between cigars and sports and discuss what makes these two go hand by hand.


COMPANY TO OPULENT SPORTS – Puffing on Cuban cigars is an art of ease but, also, a ritual of great luxury and opulence. Nobody could possibly doubt that there is something graceful, sophisticated, and highly esteemed in the process of smoking a Habano – something that adds on to the feeling of grandeur and luxury. Sports well-known for their opulent profile seem to value the esteemed status of cigars, having its athletes, audience, or, in certain circumstance, both, puffing on cigars throughout the course of a game.

GOLF – Known as the game of the Kings, clear references to golf first appear in an act of parliament by the Scottish King James II in 1457. Nevertheless, golf remains to this day a popular sport amongst royals, aristocrats, and high social class citizens. From professional players to amateur golfers, playing golf is many times accompanied by the flavours of a fine Habano. Twenty-one times European Tour golf winner, Miguel Angel Jimenez is the living example to that since the popular golfer has been many times captured smoking cigars during a golf game. An avid cigar aficionado, Miguel’s favourite smoke is no other than the great Cohiba Siglo VI Cigar. Handmade with the best quality tobacco, this puro produces a combination of intense aromas with excellent flavours, perfect to enjoy during a golf game.

POLO – Another opulent sport that is linked with the cigars industry, polo is popular for its shirts’ heritage but, also, its cigar smoking audience. Of course, polo players cannot smoke cigars during the game however, the audience is usually watching a game while sipping on champagne and puffing on Habanos. Very popular amongst affluent individuals, polo fans prefer smoking rare and limited edition puros, like the Punch Regios de Punch Edicion Limitada 2017 Cigar. Dressed in a rich, dark coloured wrapper, this Habano measures at 120 mm in length by a ring gauge of 48 and develops a number of gorgeous flavours, typical for Punch Cigars.

professional golfers aaron rodgers darren clarke and miguel angel jimenez smoking cuban cigars during golf game

Top Left: Professional golf player Aaron Rodgers smoking a cigar while practising, Bottom: Miguel Angel Jimenez puffing on a cigar during a golf game, Top Right: Professional golfer Darren Clarke smoking a Habano at a golf game


CIGARS AND FOOTBALL – One of the most popular sports in the world, football requires its players to be in excellent physical condition, abandoning any habits that could possibly threaten their efficiency in a game. Nonetheless, there have been many times when football and cigars have crossed their paths. Overall, smoking Cuban Cigars Online has been a celebratory ritual for many sports, like basketball or baseball, so why would it be any different for football?

PIQUE’ VICTORY SMOKES - An occasional smoker that lights a Habano only to celebrate a big win, Gerard Pique is most certainly a football player of international esteem. There have been multiple occasions where the popular footballer proudly posed with a cigar between his fingers with most memorable of them all being after the Euro Cup finals in 2010, where he was captured puffing a Habano with the rest of the Spanish football team. More recently, the player shared a picture of him on Twitter puffing on a Habano while celebrating his team's Champion League win in 2015 with the rest of Barcelona’s players.

BECKHAM’S SMOKING HABIT - In comparison to Pique’s occasional smoking habit, David Beckham has been publicly recognised as an avid cigar smoker. Based on an article published in 2009, the famous footballer started smoking cigars in the garden of his home, picking up the habit while attending show-business parties. Since then many details have been shared regarding the footballer’s affair with Cuban cigars. A smoke that Beckham could certainly not resist, the Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar is one of the most luxurious puros on the market. Hand rolled at the El Laguito factory, this Regular Production Habano has been consistently a favourite amongst cigar aficionados, including the British former football star.

gerard pique celebrating barcelona's UEFA champions league win with cuban cigars

Professional football player Gerard Pique celebrates the Barcelona's UEFA champion's League win for the season 2014-2015 with a Cuban cigar

Cuban cigars industry has been intertwined with sports for many years, with both players and audience indulging in the pleasure of smoking Habanos. Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur one, or simply a sports fan, purchase any of our Cuban Cigars for Sale Online today and experience first hand why cigars and sports make such a great match. Read more from our blog and learn everything Cuban Cigars related.

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