How to Fix Over-Humidified Cigars

How to Fix Over-Humidified Cigars

As you aficionados know, storing Cuban cigars in a humidor is extremely important to keep them fresh, allowing them to smoke smoothly and retain the complexity of flavours. However, issues may arise, and one of these problems could be the over-humidification of cigars. Imagine trying to sit down, relax and fire up a stick of your favourite Cohiba Behike 52 - and you find that your stick of tobacco is suddenly soft, reeks with mould and on top of that, it isn’t lighting at all! Today, we will show you how to fix your over-humidified cigars, so that you don’t waste your well-earned money in the end.


It is straightforward to identify an over-humidified cigar. Just take one out, hold it between your fingers and give it a good squish. If you find that your stogie is slightly soggy and squishy in texture, it is a clear indicator that you have a moisture-packed cigar in your hands. Another test is if you try and light the cigar - over-humidified cigars will be incredibly challenging to try and get it to burn smoothly. Also, you may find that your stogie is 'off-tasting' and bitter, that should enough to know that your cigar needs to be fixed - keep in mind, there are many other reasons Why Your Cigar is Bitter, so make sure to keep informed through our blogs. Definitely, it is the worst feeling knowing that the cigars that you invested your well-earned money in, has been completely ruined by over-humidification - we wouldn’t want that happening to any of our Limited Edition Cigars, right aficionados?


It happens because of several factors. One of the most common reasons is the need to adjust and fix your humidifier. Sometimes, it can humidify your humidor too quickly, or there could be dripping occurring, causing this over-humidification. Another reason is if your hygrometer is not calibrated. The hygrometer may reveal an incorrect measure, and you may have been mistakenly leaving it for too high. Other reasons include your natural environment. In certain climates, the air could be very humid, particularly in warmer climates. In that case, the humidity internally and externally can be accelerating the rate at which your cigars get soggy.


Montecristo, Cohiba and Partagas Cigars.


'DRY-BOXING' - The best and safest method to fix your over-humidified cigar is through 'dry boxing'. To do this, you should take the cigars out of your humidor and place it in a dry, empty box without any humidifiers, such as another humidor like the Davidoff Office Humidor. Leave the cigars in the box for about 3-4 days, and eventually, the humidity should equalise. To speed up the process, you may place a piece of Spanish cedar wood to absorb extra moisture. This 'dry-boxing' method can be used by anyone and can be especially useful for people who live in a humid environment.

'LEAVING IT OUT' - The second, and relatively easy method is to take your cigars out of the humidor and leave it out on the counter overnight. We recommend that you should leave it in an environment where you intend to smoke it, whether it be indoors or outdoors. However, when performing this method, you should keep in mind the humidity of your natural surroundings. If the climate tends to be quite moist in your area, then we suggest you opt for the 'dry-boxing' method as a humid environment could further moisten your cigar. Nevertheless, the great thing about ‘leaving it out’, it just takes a few hours - or overnight - to get it to be acceptably dry again.

Davidoff Office Humidor.


There you go, now you know how to restore your cigar from over-humidification! Want to fill up your Cigar Collection with premium cigars? Look no further and visit our Cuban Cigar Shop, where you can purchase Cuban Cigars Online

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