Interview with Guglielmo Miani: President of Larusmiani

Interview with Guglielmo Miani: President of Larusmiani

Guglielmo Miani and Aldo Lorenzi. Photo courtesy of Alberto Zanetti for Wallpaper


Guglielmo Miani is the president of Via Montenapoleone Association - Milan's luxury shopping district, and CEO of Larusmiani. The Milanese clothing and tailoring brand was established by his grandfather in 1922, bearing the same name, and produces handmade menswear and gentlemen accessories. 


It’s a rare feeling, conversing with a man whose name is embedded in Milan’s style history. As EGM Cigars is a company built on luxury pieces’ made by expert craftsman, with reverence we marvel at the work of Larusmiani. Employing more than 40 master tailors, the brand embodies the definition of Italian excellence. Exclusively, we spoke to Mr. Miani to discuss style, inspiration, artisanship and favourite Cuban Cigars.

FAMILY HERITAGE - “I have always been inspired by my grandfather’s work and by his character. He was a very charismatic person”, says Guglielmo. Aged 24, after studying in America, Guglielmo was approached by his father and asked directly whether he would like to take on the company. Without hesitation, he said yes, and has spent nearly two decades acquiring specific know-how. It was only in 2011 when he became president. With both his father and grandfather once at the helm of Larusmiani, the pressure to fill their shoes one can only envision. And yet, Guglielmo has taken the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and paved his own stamp, thus including the first women’s collection. “I’m an entrepreneur and a big dreamer. I have a lot of respect for knowledgeable people, whether they are artists or artisans. They are not money-driven, but driven by dreams and driven by love, nothing else”.

Gentlemen's Essentials - Lorenzi by Larusmiani 

GENTLEMEN'S ESSENTIALS - The love and admiration Guglielmo has for artisans and his work, is emphasised by his humble praise for Aldo Lorenzi. The son of the founder G. Lorenzi, a spectacular boutique honing the finest handmade accessories on Via MonteNapoleone, Guglielmo spoke of the incredible honour in being able to continue his legacy. Lorenzi by Larusmiani – The Gentlemen’s Essentials range, preserves Lorenzi’s brilliance and skill. When asking Guglielmo what he has learnt from him, his response curated abounding wisdom. “He told me, don’t worry, you will work harder with your head down and you’ll be happy. And I think that’s what I remember every time I work hard for something – I keep always this focus he has taught me.” Additionally, Guglielmo says he agrees with Aldo Lorenzi about the balance of practicality – 70% practical and 30% beautiful. “In a way, the practicality of an object is always strictly related to the success of that specific object as an artisan. So that’s what I learnt from him – keep my vision of being practical for the objects we create everyday, whether it’s the jacket or a knife, or a cigar cutter or a cigar holder, and 30% beautiful”.

Limited Edition Humidor - Larusmiani - EGM Cigars

Larusmiani Limited Edition Humidor

"quality, elegance and practicality"

CIGARS AND INSPIRATION - Guglielmo believes Larusmiani is not based on the ideas of a "passion designer”. Those who create beautiful products that are not necessarily usable for everyday. Larusmiani is a cohesion of quality, elegance and practicality in one. Inspiration for Mr. Miani, derives from his lifestyle. Being able to travel the world routinely, meet other liked-minded, talented artists and individuals from business and culture. “I get inspired everyday from what I see, from what I touch, who I talk to, and I try to have only people around me who I consider pure – artists in their mind. They have art and the love of what they do, as the upmost priority”, says Guglielmo. Despite a perpetual schedule, Guglielmo’s voice never once faltered from sounding calm and full of charm. On the rare moments he finds pause to relax, maybe once or twice a month, he will enjoy Cuban Cigars. A classic Cohiba Robustos Cigar or an elegant, aromatic Romeo Y Julieta Piramides Anejados Cigar.

Gentlemen's Essential's kit - Larusmiani

Gentlemen's Essentials shaving razor and brush with deer handle, white zebu manicure kit, and small leather moustache and manicure kit

"experiencing the typical Italian lifestyle"

MILANSESE LIFESTYLE – As the president of the Via MonteNapoleone Association, Guglielmo is committed to making the street the perfect location to experience the many wonders of Milanese culture, from design to art and fashion. Annual events help showcase Milan internationally, gathering thousands from Milan and across the globe. An example is La Vendemmia, which has recently celebrated its 9th year. More than 100 luxury brands, 10 luxury hotels and 25 restaurants join with prestigious wine makers. “It’s about experiencing the typical Italian lifestyle”, explains Guglielmo. From wine-tasting at MonteNapoleone boutiques, wine experiences in 5-star hotels, to special La Vendemmia menus at spectacular restaurants. Guglielmo advises on visiting Milan and seeking to construct an experience rather than product. Drive approximately an hour or two away, you can taste the white wine from Lombardy and Veneto regions, or the red from Turin or Alba. Guglielmo believes the wine Barolo is the best.

Bespoke area of Larusmiani - EGM Cigars

Bespoke area in Larusmiani, on Via MonteNapoleone 

TRAVEL AND FALL ESSENTIALS – “All the time in the fall, I will for sure have a heavy turtleneck in cashmere, which is an item I use very often, including today, and then I always bring my tuxedo. A tuxedo for me is a must-have for any man – that has to be handmade. It has to be because it’s a luxury that you can own and use once in a while when you need it, says Guglielmo. Additionally, he mentions a velvet tuxedo bomber (great for winter), and a shaving kit and nail kit as something useful and beautiful. Always impeccably dressed, Guglielmo shared the idea of wearing a light turtleneck under a suit, to combine elegance and casual together. If you were confident enough, he also suggests the possibility of wearing a velvet tuxedo bomber jacket, instead of a traditional tuxedo.

Interviewing Guglielmo Miani, a man whose manner and sophistication is as spectacular as the clothing of Larusmiani, is an incredible privilege. You can follow the brand on Instagram and stay connected to ours, to see the latest and best Cuban Cigars online.