Statement Cufflinks: The Perfect Suit Finish

Statement Cufflinks: The Perfect Suit Finish

EGM Cigars Custom-made cufflinks by allbranded 

Like the smoke of fine Cuban Cigars curling their presence through a room, there’s something about a cufflink which gracefully catches your attention.  Try not to conjure up LL Cool J gold chain images, but cufflinks are considered men's jewellery, and today they are establishing themselves as a suit fundamental. 

This small, subtle accessory, holds a generous amount of power. It’s a piece which creates an opportunity for expression, without feeling all eyes are upon you for looking too unique in a sea of suits. While women have long been known to live as accessory aficionados, men are now opting for an adequate slice.

In the last five years, cufflinks have slowly made their way to popularity, and classic brands are expanding their lines to produce bolder, brighter and bigger options for even the most refined of men to wear. British brand Deakin & Francis, have recently launched a new collection called 'Twist & Change', cufflinks with colours that 'smoothly rotate and change', in shades of blue, pink and green.

At EGM Cigars, we have chosen to have our own statement cufflinks custom-made, because personalised cufflinks will always make a remarkable impression, particularly when smoking fine Cuban Cigars in an opulent cigar lounge or sophisticated bar. 

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Where it all started

Cufflinks can be dated back to the 17th century, when men began to seek more demure ways to hold their cuffs. Typically, ribbons and ties were used, which were then preceded with small (often gold) chains.

In the 19th century, after the industrial revolution, cufflinks became a mass-produced item and began to expand out to customers beyond the upper-classes. World War II led to a rapid decline in popularity, however the 1990's once again made cufflinks integrate in a man's wardrobe. 

Cufflinks today

Adding this extra tailoring to your suit, is a fitting way to look dressed up, in a way a shirt and tie alone never could. 2018 has shifted from the plain, simple shades a family member may have bought you, to eccentric styles you most-likely disregarded as not your taste. Although statement cufflinks are trendy, they are still draped in a sophisticated, gentlemen hue.

Where to buy

Deakin and Francis and Tateossian are wonderful brands to purchase a pair of statement cufflinks from, however, to truly make a unique and classy impact, there's no better way than to custom-make your own.

EGM Cigars custom-made statement cufflinks

EGM Cigars custom-made cufflinks by allbranded

At allbranded, luxurious cufflinks can be made in a range of shapes and styles, efficiently and effectively to your expectations. We at EGM Cigars, could not be more impressed with the final results of our statement cufflinks designed and made by allbranded.

For business's, personalised cufflinks for events and client meetings are booming in popularity; further adding to a company dressing the part. Contact the team at allbranded to find out how to arrange. 

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