The Secret Rules to Cigar Smoking in Public

The Secret Rules to Cigar Smoking in Public

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There are some things in life, one is meant to naturally know. The position of countries on a map, the dates of festive holidays on a calendar, and for cigar smokers, the correct etiquette to smoking in public. No one walks round with a manual. Neither do they welcome you to a lounge or bar with a serious talk on rules. There are secret expectations however, to enjoying Cuban cigars online. We at EGM Cigars have produced this friendly guide. So why not brush-up on your knowledge before heading out?

THE WISDOM BEHIND THE RULES – The significance of learning is to greatly benefit the pleasure of cigar smoking. Knowing how to hold, light and cut, is part of the process to fully reaping the awards of a finely-crafted habano. Secondly, smoking cigars is a type of luxury art form which has been passed through numerous generations. Showing respect to the labour endured to produce, as well as the timeless community of cigar smokers, is meaningful. It starts with basic etiquette, such as carrying your own lighter, being aware of where your smoke is blowing, and not thumping your ash against an ashtray. Interviewing World Habano Sommelier Darius Namdar for our feature Where to Smoke: Mayfair’s Luxurious Annabel’s, he shared this valuable advice: “stubbing the cigar out is quite a big no-no. You want to pay a bit more respect to the fact this is a hand grown product that’s probably started its life seven years ago. A lot of people roll their ash off their cigar which is normal and helps to keep a consistent shape to the burn of the cigar, others just wait for it to drop off.” Darius further explained how a cigar is unlike a cigarette. If cigar ash falls on you – “it’s great, just brush it off”. 


Secret Rules to Cigar Smoking - EGM Cigars blog

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"check the policy of an establishment"

SMOKING YOUR OWN CIGARS – When smoking at a cigar lounge or bar, it’s hard to know whether or not you should bring your own. Firstly, see if you can check the policy of an establishment. Due to some country rules, such as the UK, indoor smoking areas are strictly for people testing a cigar. The purpose of being able to smoke in a shop or inside location, is to try before purchasing. Therefore, bringing your own cigars to smoke is technically illegal and should be avoided. If a place does allow you to smoke your personal cigars, we still recommend you buy at least one. It’s an experience to visit a cigar lounge and experiment with cigars stocked by an expert sommelier. You can either receive new advice or delight in your favourites, which may have been cured for longer. And generally, it is a sign of appreciation to sample what a cigar lounge has to offer. At Corinthia Hotel London, The Garden Lounge welcomes the opportunity to bring your own cigars. Head cigar sommelier Adam Lajca, believes it’s fun to see what people are smoking and to know what people’s expectations are. 

RELAXING AND NOT RUSHING –  It's a faux-pas to light a cigar and quickly puff your way through. It’s like buying a fine piece of art and leaving it on display in a cupboard under some stairs or in a storage room. For our editorial: Where to Smoke: Corinthia Hotel London, head cigar sommelier Adam Lajca gave us this helpful tip: “when you’re smoking the cigar, just take your time while you’re smoking. Try to pick the cigar which is right for the time of the day”. Choosing the right cigar, means considering how much time you have to smoke. A Robusto size for example, is not a good idea if you only have 30 minutes. In that instance, a Bolivar Petit Coronas Cigar or a Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar – a Petit Robusto measuring 102mm by 52 ring gauge, is better suited. A cigar sommelier can assist in finding your best options. Better yet, a Master of Havana Cigars can easily go through fanciful options for smoking habanos. It’s also worthwhile noting, that what you are drinking or have previously eaten, plays a role in cigar choice. We have created a valuable beginner’s guide called Smoke Your Cuban Cigar Like an Expert, which expands on tips for selecting the right cigar. 

Secret Rules to Cigar Smoking - EGM Cigars

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"smokers I know are incredibly generous"

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – This starts with what you are wearing. When writing about The Attire of a Modern Cigar Smoker, we talked about dress code and if it’s necessary to wear a suit. A simple Google or social-media search of a cigar lounge can ease this dilemma. Importantly, focus on your own cigar satisfaction. Unless a person asks, there’s no need to instruct on the difference between Limited Edition Cigars and Regionals. But as a great rule to smoking cigars in public, we suggest you don’t always limit yourself to the conversation of who you are sat with. The cigar smoking community is known for their hospitality. Darius Namdar agrees with this sentiment and said, “The cigar smokers I know are incredibly generous. Everybody is sharing cigars saying try that, try this – tell me what you think of this, or I just picked up this, you’ll never guess where I found that”.  So if you want to ask questions to fellow cigar smokers out in public, don’t be afraid to create a conversation. 

When you buy Cuban Cigars, you are purchasing an opulent slice of luxury; representing a classic tradition. The secret rules to smoking cigars in public are beneficial to know and relevant to share. With that said, we would love for you to share this article. To mention as well, our Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar and Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar are back in stock.