Colibri Quasar Ashtray

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The Colibri Quasar Ashtray makes an eye-catching cigar accessory for any cigar lounge or smoking room. 

Its unique geometric design is made from strong alloy - equipped with non-slip rubber foot pads, so you can sturdily rest your Cuban cigars. The 3 dimensional, multi-faced body provides up to 6 resting spots for your smokes - making it the perfect choice for a social event. 

This cigar ashtray includes a non-slip melamine undercarriage, with built-in rubber footpads. This ensures there are no scratches on the surfaces and to prevent it from moving inadvertently.

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 Material: Metal Alloy with Non-Slip Rubber Foot Pads
Dimensions: 254x203x51mm 
Weight: 2.13kg