Cuaba Cuban Cigars

In this collection you will be able to buy Cuaba Cuban Cigars for an excellent price. Every box is available to buy and ready to be shipped to any location worldwide.

Flavour: Medium to Full

Cuaba cigars are unique and peculiar in part due to their size and shape. The shape (known as double figurado) is considered to be one of the hardest to perfect and most challenging when it comes to the art of cigar rolling. Why not learn more about the double figurado format and other cigar terms from our Cuban Cigars Glossary?

The tobacco used to produce these Cuban cigars is also unique, not to be found in the same areas that the tobacco leaves of other well known brands such as the José L. Piedra are found. They are not seasonal like Cohiba cuban cigars either, making for a unique flavour and smoking experience for you to enjoy.

  • Recognisable by their unique shape known as double figurado. Achieved by artist cigar rollers specialised in this process.
  • The tobacco used is not grown in the same areas as other premium brands, meaning that these cigars offer a unique flavour and texture.
  • Not a seasonable cigar making for an even more unique smoking experience.

Due to the success of their uniquely shaped products, Cuaba now exclusively manufactures cigars in the double figurado shape. They offer a spectacular flavour at first and then begin to emanate the unique flavour they are so well know for as you continue smoking. The factory started creating products in this design in the 1800s and is now one of the few brands (although some other cigar factories such as the Hoyo de Monterrey brand have produced products in the design) to continue production, a choice made in 1996.

  • One of the few brands left producing all of their cigars using this skilful and artistic process.
  • The brand name has associations with highly flammable wood used to light Cohiba cigars in the past.
  • All sizes contain high quality filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region.

Cuaba is a word used by Tainos for Cohiba and was associated with a highly flammable wood that was used to light their Cohibas. Cuaba's vitolas were initially only small in size but then (in 2003) following the trend of making girth larger, other larger vitolas such as the Cuaba Salomon were introduced. All the cigars are totally handmade and the taste of these cigars is between medium and strong.