Hoyo de Monterrey

Hoyo de Monterrey cuban cigars

In this collection you will find all of the Hoyo de Monterrey Cuban Cigars for sale, which are available to buy now and ready to be shipped anywhere worldwide.  

Flavour: Light

There is a reason Cuban Cigars are the very best Cigars on the market and amongst the most desired in the world. It is because the climate in Cuba provides the prime conditions for tobacco to grow to its optimal potential, meaning aficionados around the world will always choose Cuban over other countries. 

The founder of Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars, Don Jose Gener, was originally from Spain and emigrated to Cuba when he was just 13. At this young age he began working on his uncle's plantation in the Vuelta Abajo region, known as the paramount place to grow tobacco leaves. Therefore, it's no shock that twenty years later, he used the knowledge he gained during his younger years to successfully open a cigar factory in the same region he worked in and registered his Cigar brand Hoyo de Monterrey. 

Hoyo de Monterrey's tobacco crops are grown about 200km away from the capital Havana, where the humidity levels and soil conditions allow for the finest tobacco leaves to be grown. 

  • Made from the highest quality tobacco available direct from Cuba.
  • Named after the tobacco crops used to make these fine cigars.
  • Branded with a traditional message alongside every cigar. 

The brand remains innovative today, demonstrated through the introduction of the Petit Robusto vitola in 2005 which has now been adopted by other major brands.  Other success stories include the Le Hoyo Series, which stands out compared to other brands because of it using only the Seco and Ligero leaves from the Vuelta Abajo Region. 

  • Founded in 1960. 
  • Considered an innovator in the cigar market.
  • Experiments with sizes of the cigars and of the ring.
  • Expertly hand rolled.