José L. Piedra

José L. Piedra cuban cigars

In this collection, our customers can buy José L. Piedra Cuban Cigars online and have them shipped internationally to any destination. 

Flavour: Medium to Full

Even if Piedra maybe does not fit into your top three Cuban cigars, this product can have some very pleasant surprises. This cigar is the result of tobacco processing from the Remedios area, wholly by hand and with tripa corta (short filler). The product range offered is made up of seven Vitolas.

As we had been able to write for other brands, even José L. Piedra (where L. stands for Lamadrid, the name in its entirety of the founder) has European origins. While H. Upmann Cuban cigars has German origins, José L. Piedra has Austrian origins dating back to sometime the 1880s.

  • Tobacco used comes from the Remedios area. This tobacco is exclusively used in José L. Piedra products and is one of the reasons why their products are so sought after.
  • The founding of this brand can be traced back to Austria in the 1880s.
  • Consisting of seven Vitolas.
  • Between medium and strong flavour, rolled entirely by hand.

The decision to make tobacco from the Remedios area, a central area of the island of Cuba extending approximately from Santa Clara to Ciego de Avila (345km approximately from Havana) makes this brand very special. Why?... Because the production of this area is used only by José L. Piedra. Making for a unique flavour, aroma and smoking experience.