Partagas Cuban Cigars

This collection contains all of the Partagàs Cigars for sale in our humidor. Each of these boxes are ready to be shipped securely to any destination worldwide.

Flavour: Full

Partagàs Cigars are known by millions around the world for creating full flavoured cigars which delivers complex flavours in unfathomable strengths. Created by Don Jaime in 1845, the brand is named after the founder, similar to H. Upmann Cigars and Vegas Robaina Cigars. Aged 14, Jaime arrived in Cuba as a young, ambitious tobacco dreamer. His factory in Havana included the word 'royal' in the name which some suggest was used to emphasise his cigars to aristocracy.

Buying as many plantations as he could in Cuba's great Vuelta Abajo region, Jaime is the first factory owner to use lectors to read aloud to workers, and is one of the first to experiment with cigar fermentation and ageing methods to preserve the quality of his Cuban Cigars. Many myths are surrounded about his lifestyle, including his overindulgence of spending. It was in the mid to late 1860's, when Don Jaime Partagas was murdered on one of his own plantations. Partagas Cigars were eventually in the hands of Ramon Cifuentes LLano, who pioneered the brand to be one of the best-selling. Owning some of the finest tobacco plantations across Vuelta Abajo, Cuba allowed the founder Jaime to test a wide range of production techniques and processes (such as trying multiple ageing and fermentation processes that yielded the most enjoyable and high quality tobacco). The innovative advancements lead to the brand becoming one of the largest exporters of Cuban Cigars for sale some years later.

All Partagas cigars are completely hand made to the finest specifications, making for a strong, enjoyable and consistent smoking experience.The brand has been acquired by a number of forward thinking people and companies since it was founded, keeping and building upon the success and quality created by previous owners. The Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar is considered a favourite amongst every cigar aficionado. While the Partagas Lusitanias Cigar is a marvellously popular double corona. Partagas Cigars remain as some of the finest Cuban Cigars online. 

Key Facts:

  • At one point (1958) Partagas exported over 25% of all tobacco products out of Cuba.
  • Factory and production process influenced by colonial architecture.
  • Partagas Cigars are made on some of Cuba's most finest tobacco plantations