H. Upmann Noellas LCDH - Glass Jar of 25 Cigars

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The H. Upmann Noellas Cigar is in very limited supply, with only 5000 released aimed at La Casa del Habano Franchise stores.

Aimed at those that are true devotees of the brand and those that would enjoy revisiting times gone by with the presentation of these Cuban Cigars in the 80's glass jar. 

The Cosacos vitola, released by H Upmann Cigars in 2010, is 135mm in length by a 42 ring gauge which delivers a delightful and delicious light to medium flavour. Consisting of flavours typical of H.Upmann Cigars, the tobacco blend is made from leaves selected from the best crops in the Vuelta Abajo Region. 

If you enjoy the light to medium flavoured cigars, shop the following:

Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Light to Medium
Lenght: 135mm
Vitola de galera: Cosacos
Ring: 42
Presentation: Glass jar of 25 pcs