Punch 48 Cigar LCDH (Box of 10)

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The Punch 48 is finally available for purchase from our Cuban Cigar Shop and ready to be shipped worldwide!

Produced for both La Casa del Habano and Habanos specialists, the Punch 48 cigar is best suited to those smokers who are looking for a Cuban cigar with moderate strength yet plenty of flavours. Received with mixed reviews following the news of its release, as soon as these Cuban cigars hit the market they have been a resounding success. 

Their availability is very scarce due to high worldwide demand. Its balanced length and diameter provide perfect draw (at least on all the ones we sampled) as well as good combustion. A beautiful expression of the Punch cuban brand. Secure some boxes if your like these as they are selling incredibly fast!


Add the following to your Punch collection of Cuban Cigars Online:  

Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Lenght: 140mm
Vitola de galera: Hermosos No. 3
Ring: 48
Presentation: Laquered boite nature of 10 pcs