Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas Cigar (Box of 25 Cigars)

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The Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas Cigar is one of Rafael Gonzalez's most renowned and sought after Cuban Cigars.

Medium flavour profile, it is smooth and mellow whilst being aromatic and mildly spicy. We would choose this as a morning smoke, to be paired with a sweetened coffee to match the honey and caramel finish. 

Hand-made to perfection, the Marevas vitola is one of our favourite formats and is used in cigars such as the Montecristo No. 4  and the Cohiba Siglo II Cigar. 

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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Length: 129mm
Vitola de galera: Marevas
Ring: 42
Presentation: 2 layers in a box of 25pcs