21st Festival Del Habano: Cigars to Smoke

21st Festival Del Habano: Cigars to Smoke


The XXI Festival Del Habano is only a few days away and cigar aficionados from all over the world gather in Havana to celebrate their love and appreciation for Cuban Cigars. From opulent events to countryside visits, this year’s festival will provide guests with all new puros and cigar related products to try, review, and, of course enjoy. Besides airy shirts and linen pants, as a true cigar aficionado you will be bringing with you some of your favourite smokes – fitting for every single occasion. With that been said, in today’s blogpost we discuss which cigars to smoke during some of the biggest events of this year’s Festival Del Habano.

picturesque balcony Havana colourful cuban road mojito and freashly mandmade cuban cigars EGM Cigars

Left: Picturesque balcony in Havana, Top Right: Colourful Cuban road in Havana, Bottom Right: Enjoying a Mojito and a freshly handmade Cuban cigar in Havana


OPENING EVENT – The XXI Festival Del Habano kicks off with a glamorous and cosmopolitan welcoming party. Ideal to connect or introduce yourself to fellow cigar aficionados, the opening event signifies the beginning of this year’s festivities. The welcoming party will be exclusively devoted to the 20th anniversary of the San Cristobal de La Habana brand, therefore, we couldn’t think of smoking anything more appropriate than one of the brand’s fine puros. Beautifully constructed using a rich tan wrapper, the San Cristobal De La Habana La Fuerza Cigar produces the typical light to medium flavours the brand is well known for – an excellent first smoke for this year’s opening night.

VUELTA ABAJO VISIT – A visit to the tobacco plantations of the Vuelta Abajo region is scheduled for the following day – an event that should not be missed by any cigar aficionado. During this visit, guests will have the opportunity to see first hand the tobacco plantations that produce leaves for some of the most premium Cuban cigars brands, like Cohiba and Vegas Robaina. Having said so, a cigar will be in order. Crafted from high quality leaves cultivated at the Vuelta Abajo tobacco plantations, the Rafael Gonzalez Panatelas Extra Cigar produces mild and light aromas - perfect to enjoy under the warm Cuban sun while being educated about tobacco leaves.

tobacco plantations and tobacco leaves in cuba

Tobacco plantations in Cuba


HOYO DE MONTERREY EVENING – On Wednesday 20th of February – the third day of festivities, a very special event has been scheduled. The 21st Festival Del Habano is hosting an exclusive invitations-only party, dedicated to the Hoyo de Monterrey Gran Cosecha 2013. As to honour the brand, choose to light one of the brands finest puros, like the Hoyo de Monterrey Elegantes LCDH Cigar. With 158 mm length by a 47 ring gauge, the Elegantes cigar features the unique Tacos Vitola capable of delivering a light bodied smoke, characteristic of the brand – an LCDH Editions puro, the Elegantes cigar guarantees to make your night extra special.

CLOSING GALA – After a week of cigar-related parties and festivities, the 21st Festival Del Habano will thank this year’s guests with a sophisticated and luxurious gala evening. The closing gala will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Trinidad brand. In addition - following their yearly tradition, Habanos SA. will host a humidors auction from which the profits raised will be donated in full to the Cuban Health System. An evening full of luxury and elegance, this last event should be celebrated with great company and an even greater Habano. Handmade by the expert hands of Cuba’s torcedors, the H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha Cigar contains tobacco leaves aged for a minimum of five years and delivers a medium flavoured profile, making it a splendour smoke for the festival’s closing event.

20th festival del habano closing gala hoyo de monterrey humidor cuban cigars

Left: The closing gala of the 20th Festival Del Habano, Right: The Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor auctioned during last year's Habano Festival

Festival Del Habano is that yearly celebration that binds together all cigar aficionados. We at EGM Cigars, been already in Havana, will be covering day by day all the events, news, and product releases that will take place during the 21st Habano Festival. Find out everything there is to know about Cuban Cigars Online on our latest blogposts.