Cohiba Cuban Cigars

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Flavour: Medium to Full

Cohiba Cigars are the most successful name in Cuban Cigars - and cigars in general for that matter. Since its conception, the brand has gone from strength to strength, with an ever increasing legion of fans. In fact, it's often the first brand smokers and non-smokers associate with, when thinking of cigars. World-famous and considered representative of Habanos S.A., Cohiba Cigars produces many of the most popular and renowned Cigars for Sale Online

Founded in 1966, Cohiba Cigars for many years was enjoyed exclusively by local and foreign diplomats visiting the beautiful island of Cuba. It was only in 1982 when the brand became accessible to the public. As stories go, Fidel Castro demanded to meet the creator of his bodyguard's cigar. After conversing and trying himself, Castro proceeded to create the cigar's collection, now of course known as Cohiba. 

Cohiba, an ancient word used by the Indians Taínos to define the rolled tobacco leaves that could be smoked, is presented to aficionados in four líneas: Línea Clàsica, Línea 1492 (commemorating the 500th anniversary the arrival of the Italian Christopher Colombus to Cuba) Línea Maduro and the prestigious Línea Behike (using the delicate and rare Medio Tiempo leaves).

Very much favoured by cigar aficionados, the Maduro series include habanos wrapped in dark brown wrapper leaves that add to the complexity of Linea Maduro cigars aromas. Check out our Cuban Cigars Glossary and find out everything there is to know about the maduro leaf and other important cigar-related terms.

Key Facts:

  • 100% Hand rolled (except for the Mini and the Club sizes)
  • The only brand with fermented leaves collected in barrels, with a seasoning of no less than three years
  • Rich and distinctive flavour 
  • All Vitolas are totally handmade, Tripa Larga

The most popular Cohiba Cuban Cigars include the Cohiba Robustos Cigar - considered the greatest Robusto, and the luxurious Cohiba Behike range, such as the Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar and the Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar.

To this day, Cohiba is known for producing some of the most desired smokes on the market. The distinctive yet well-balanced flavours of the brand, read our post where we touch on what makes Cohiba Habanos some of the Best Cuban Cigars for Beginners on the market.

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