A Guide on How to Cut Cuban Cigars

A Guide on How to Cut Cuban Cigars

Cutting a Cuban Cigar at The Ritz


The smoking of Cuban Cigars is a delicate and sophisticated art. It demands one’s undivided attention and the mastery of certain techniques to be considered a proper Cuban Cigars aficionado. There are a lot of myths circulating the right way to cut your puro and how these contribute to extending its pleasure. Here we discuss the three most popular methods to do so.
Quoting Cuban Cigars aficionado and expert, Zino Davidoff, there are three ways to cut a cigar – with a pinch, a teeth bite, or simply with the aid of an accessory. There is only one rule though: the opening must be in proportion with the size of the cigar, clean enough to deliver the right amount of smoke. Any cutting technique that respects this rule is acceptable.


PINCH CUT – This first method is more complex and, thus, it can only be successful if applied the right way. First, make sure that the Havana is of great quality and properly moist. In case of a dry cigar, which can easily happen, it is highly suggested to moisten slightly the head by putting it in your mouth. Having wet the end, crumple the puro delicately between the thumb and the index finger, moving towards the same direction as when rolling. Pieces of the wrapper will then fall off and, after softly cutting the under wrapper, the opening will be sufficient to obtain a good draw. 

The Ritz London and Hari London

Left: A selection of Cuban Cigars at Corinthia, Right: Smoking Cuban Cigars at The Hari London


A TEETH BITE CUT – A method mostly applied in the past by American smokers who used to open their Cuban Cigars with a dry bite of the incisor. Although this method was very efficient, teeth bites failed to open the puro with much precision. In addition, someone needed very sharp teeth to be able to accurately execute this technique without having to try for a second time which would possibly result in damaging the puro. There is no doubt that plenty Cuban Cigars aficionados mastered the art of cutting a cigar with their teeth, however, this practice is rarely used today and is widely considered anachronistic.


WITH THE USE OF AN INSTRUMENT – Undoubtedly the most efficient method to cut a Cuban cigar, the use of an accessory is the safest and most precise method for a fine opening. Be extra cautious to the choice of your cigar-cutting instrument though – the traditional bevelled cut, for instance, can create an opening that is too deep for the small sizes and too narrow for larger sizes. Cuban Cigars Accessories with large, and direct circular cut, on the other hand, offer the best draw and help minimise tar accumulation. The S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter fits perfectly in that category. With a double guillotine and razor sharp blades, the S.T. Dupont Cutter uses the most contemporary engineering to create the perfect cut for every Cuban Cigar. Similarly, the Cutter Romeo Y Julieta is an another brilliant choice, capable of making the most precise incision in your cigar. Alternatively, if you are admirer of the classic, our Cuban Cigars Scissors Cutter instrument in an elegant and sophisticated design is the ideal accompaniment for any of our cigars online, guarantying the perfect opening for your puro.
ST Dupont Maxijet Cutter scissors cutter for sale online
 Left: S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter, Right: Scissors Cutter

Having explored all of the cigar-cutting methods, we touched on the most efficient and simple ways to create a clean opening. Purchase any of our Cuban Cigars for sale on our website now, and try out your own cigar-cutting technique. Read more stories from our Cuban Cigar Blog remain updated about everything that happens in the Cuban cigars world: