Top Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for every Cuban Cigars Smoker

Top Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for every Cuban Cigars Smoker
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A day full of romance, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to show your love to your partner by spoiling them with the most appropriate and well thought out gifts. A selection of Cuban Cigars of exquisite craftsmanship, can perfectly serve as luxurious gifts for every smoker this Valentine's Day. Thus, we offer you the best five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for every Cigars Smoker


THE COLLECTOR - There is something incredibly satisfying in purchasing a special edition collection of Cuban Cigars and cigar collectors seem to know that better than any other type of smoker out there. Splendid personal taste and a rare skill to distinguish quality, cigar collectors are always searching for the most exclusive and Limited Edition smokes on the market. Their ability to appreciate rarity and value quality in leafs, manufacture, and presentation makes them a tough crowd to please. That’s why the Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchills Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 Cigar is a perfect fit for this occasion. With only 5,000 Lacquered boxes released, the Gran Reserva combines high quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship, an ideal Valentine’s gift for every Cuban Cigars collector. There is no doubt that rare cigars deserve a round of applause; pair it with the simple yet elegant Davidoff Office Humidor, a piece of true art and elegance, to make your gift extra special.

romeo and juliet cigars for sale

 Left: Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchills Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 Cigar, Right: Davidoff Office Humidor - Rosewood Palladium


THE BEGINNER - Even a Cigars aficionado was once a beginner. Thrilled by the cultural heritage of Cuban Cigars and their extreme sophistication, amateur smokers build their smoking habits by doing one step at a time. Like any smoking beginner, their taste is not yet refined or complete and, thus, their preferences lean towards lighter flavours since intense and strong aromas would either be unnoticed or underapreeciated. Following their smoking pattern, the Por Larrañaga Panetelas Cigar makes an excellent Valentine’s Day Gift for every beginner. Light in flavour and without the intense nicotine kick, the Por Larrañaga Panetelas Cigar would fit perfectly to the still developing taste of any amateur smoker. Upgrade your gift with the smart and stylish Maxijet S.T. Dupont Lighter and show your Valentine smoker some extra love.

     Por Larranaga Panatelas Cuban Cigars online

Left: Por Larrañaga Panetelas Cigar, Right: Maxijet Chrome Finish Lighter


THE CIGAR ENTHUSIAST - Experienced Smokers and Cuban Cigars aficionados, cigar enthusiasts are accomplished connoisseurs with a deep understanding of their smoking preferences. They treat cuban cigars with great respect and interpret the process of smoking as a ritual of great mannerism and leisure. Extremely knowledgeable about the Tobacco industry and familiar with almost every flavour in the market, these smokers are well aware of their likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a Cuban Cigar. One of the finest Cuban Cigars, the Partagas Serie D No.4 Cigar, constitutes an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for every cigar enthusiast. Short in length and with a thick ring gauge, the Robustos Vitola is proven to be one of the favourites amongst cigar enthusiasts. In case you are looking to upgrade your Valentine’s gift – or simply for another recommendation – the Cohiba Siglo II Cigar is another exceptional choice. Being part of the Cohiba’s Linea 1492, this glorious cuban cigar would make an ideal gift for every cigar enthusiast this Valentine’s Day.

Partagas Cuban Cigars online

Left: Partagas Serie D No.4 Cigar, Right: Cohiba Siglo II Cigar


THE OCCASIONAL SMOKER - Besides the committed Cuban Cigars Smokers, occasional smokers are more selective when it comes to choosing a cigar since they smoke only under certain circumstances. Some occasional smokers are social smokers, for whom smoking a Cuban Cigar works as a form of celebration or social bonding. Other occasional smokers interpret the art of smoking a cigar as a relaxation technique – a way to disconnect from the fast paced modern world and lose themselves into the exquisite aromas of Cuban Tobacco. Regardless the reasons behind their smoking patterns, occasional smokers prefer exciting yet simple flavours for their smokes; like The Montecristo Open Master Cigar. With a tobacco blend of light flavours, these cuban cigars will excite every occasional smoker this Valentine’s Day. In a similar way, the Montecristo Open Regata Cigar is another excellent choice for this special day. Smooth and mild in aromas, this cuban cigar will be a pleasant smoke and an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the casual smoker.

montecristo cuban cigars online

Left: Montecristo Open Master, Right: Montecristo Open Regata Cigar


THE CLASSIC GENT - Saving the best for last, the classic gentleman is a very distinctive type of a smoker. Sophisticated and with a keen interest in elegance, classic gents have a polished and timeless view of the world. A lover of the classic and with a strong and distinctive personality, for this smoker Cuban cigars are more than just smokes, they are a lifestyle. Uniquely complex and rich in flavours, the Trinidad Fundadores Cigar crafted for the smoking palate of today's gentleman, a fitting gift for this Valentine’s Day. If you are looking to upgrade your gift or just for an alternative option, there is nothing more regal and timeless than the lacquered by hand Atelier S. T. Dupont Lighter, a perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea to accompany every classic gentleman to their smoking journey.

trinidad cigars for sale

Left: Trinidad Fundadores Cigar, Right: Atelier S.T. Dupont Lighter


With a large selection of Cuban Cigars Online and an exceptional costumer service reputation, we have touched on the best five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for every Cuban Cigars smoker. Here are some of our most recent posts from our Cuban Cigar Blog to help you pick the perfect Cuban Cigars gifts for any occasion: