A Guide To Pairing Cuban Cigars with Beer

A Guide To Pairing Cuban Cigars with Beer

We’ve seen lots of Cuban cigars for sale being paired with whiskey over and over again and that’s not to say such pairings aren’t a match made in heaven, but after seeing a resurgence in the beer industry, with craft beers, session IPAs and chocolate-y stouts becoming a popular choice all over the world, we thought it was about time we wrote a guide on how to pair our Cuban cigars for sale with a variety of beers. Grab yourself a glass and let’s get smoking.

Did you know that beer has been brewed since as early as 5,000BC? It’s actually thought to be one of the oldest alcoholic drinks, which despite now being brewed using cereal grains, initially was crafted using fruits like pomegranates and dates. Today, beer is one of the world’s most consumed drinks, coming in straight after tea and water.


Beer and any of our Cuban cigars for sale make for an excellent pairing. This is because unlike whiskey or coffee, beer is carbonated, which similar to sparkling water acts as a fantastic palate cleanser. This means that you will be able to appreciate both the cigar and beer as separate products but as a combination too.

What’s more is that over the years’ beers have been crafted in such different ways that there is now an extensive selection of different flavours and strengths. Which means that there is an almost never-ending amount of pairings to be made, particularly if you’re an ale drinker. 


Like we suggested in our previous Cuban cigar blog post, The Perfect Pair: Cigars and Spirits, it’s best to pair milder cigars with milder beverages and so on. Hence we’ll begin by pairing mild beers with mild cigars and go from there.

Mild Cigar and a Light Lager 

La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4 Cuban cigars for saleThe lightest beer available in every sense of the word is a pilsner, light in strength, light in flavour and also light in colour, it’s an obvious choice for La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4 Cigar. Not only does the physical appearance of the cigar match the lager perfectly, with its light shade of brown wrapper, but the floral flavours in these La Gloria Cubana Cuban cigars will complement the beers effortlessly. We would opt for something like a Corona and avoid such beers as Cobra or Budweiser. 

Medium-bodied Cigar and an IPA

Trinidad Coloniales Cuban cigars for sale online When trying to pair a medium strength cigar with a beer, its best to go for something like an IPA. This is because most medium flavoured cigars have a complex palette, which is also true of most IPAs. The Trinidad Coloniales Cigar will make for an excellent pairing with its kicks of spice it's the ideal complement to any floral and fruity IPA. We particularly recommend enjoying one with the Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog. 

Full-bodied Cigar and a Stout

H. Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH Cuban Cigars for sale now onlineA stout is a very dark beer which are traditionally and usually the strongest. To ensure that your milder cigars do not get swallowed up by that, you should opt for a cigar which is also strong in flavour and body. We think the H. Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH Cigar are the ultimate Cuban cigars for sale which will be able to fight its corner with a beer like this. We’d particularly recommend the Trappist Rochefort 8 beer when smoking this cigar. It’s a creamy and complex Belgian beer which will be able to match the multifaceted flavours in these H.Upmann Cigars.


Have you got any beers pairings that you'd like to share? Let us and our readers know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!