La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana Cuban Cigars

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Flavour: Medium 

La Gloria Cubana Cigars are a little known gem amongst cigars for sale online. The brand was founded in 1885 with its name alone clearly defining its origin. For over a century, it has attracted a small but loyal following amongst the most knowledgeable smokers. La Gloria Cubana Cigars have kept and continue to keep their heritage of producing elegant and immaculately crafted Cuban Cigars.

In the beginning, the brand was sold to several owners and factories, until the Cifuentes family bought La Gloria Cubana Cigars and moved production to their Partagas Cigars factory. During the 90's cigar smoking revival, famous blender Ernesto Perez Carrillo re-edited the collection and made the brand one of the best-selling for full-bodied cigars. Today, a loyal following of cigar connoisseurs are devoted to smoking La Gloria Cubana Cigars, admiring their aromatic profile. 

As premium, full-bodied cigars, the tobacco used is planted in Cuba's Vuelta Abajo region, near the biggest selling Cuban Cigar brands. The blend is made from filler and binder tobacco and is classified as medium strength, offering a well-balanced taste and aroma. Vitolas are all long-filler, totally hand rolled. The Medaille d'Or Series, such as the La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'Or No. 4 Cigar, is particularly characterised for its beautifully sophisticated presentation.

Key Facts:

  • Vitolas are all long-filler, totally hand rolled.
  • Praised for preference balance in smoke and flavour
  • Made in the Partagas Factory in Havana

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