Best Cigars to Smoke During a Golf Game

Best Cigars to Smoke During a Golf Game

As we have looked in our recent post Cuban Cigars and Sports: An Ongoing Affair, smoking cigars goes hand in hand with sports. Whether serving as celebratory smokes or simply accompanying players throughout the progression of a game, Cuban Cigars are strongly related with many sports with gold being amongst them. In particular, cigars are connected with golf the same way chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds are with baseball; it’s not an essential component, but certainly one that can enhance the playing, viewing, or experiencing. That been said, in today’s post we offer you the ultimate guide on which cigars to smoke during or after a golf game in order to elevate both the playing and the smoking experience.

PREGAME CIGAR – There couldn’t be a better way to kick off a golf game than with a cigar. However, your smoke should always reflect your attitude towards the pre-game routine. That been said, there are two different paths for someone to decide their pre-game-cigar. On the one hand, you can choose a short smoke, perfect to enjoy in its entirety before heading to the golf course while, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the fact that you are on the outside and invest in a larger cigar that you could continue onto the course. Due to its small format, the H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar is perfect to smoke before a golf game. Measuring at 90 mm in length by a ring gauge of 44, the half corona cigar delivers plenty of light to medium flavours, characteristic of H. Upmann Cigars.

h upmann half corona cigar and romeo y julieta wide churchills cigar EGM cigars

Left: H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar, Right: Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Cigar


GAME CIGAR – One of the most important qualities when it comes to smoking at a golf course is that time is never of the essence. When it comes to smoking at a golf game, it is entirely up to the smoker to decide the length of their smoke and, therefore, the duration of their smoking experience. That been said, we strongly recommend enjoying a longer smoke as your game cigar. Nevertheless, your cigar choice is to be determined by the time of the day during which the golf game takes place. To elaborate, a morning cigar calls for a lighter strength vitola. The third cigar to be named after Winston Churchill, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Cigar is the most suitable habano for a morning smoke. Coming in a Montesco vitola that measures at 130 mm long by a ring gauge of 55, the Wide Churchills puro is capable of producing bountiful aromas, making it the perfect smoke for a morning golf game. Contrariwise, your afternoon-round cigar, possibly following an exquisite lunch at the club, can be slightly stronger since your taste buds are now up and running. The long Laguito Especial vitola of the Trinidad Fundadores Cigar will do the trick. One of the longest Cuban Cigars Online, Fundadores measures at a very long 192 mm by a 40 ring gauge and provides the smoker with plenty of complex and rich flavours.

trinidad Fundadores cigars and cohiba medio siglo cigars EGM Cigars

Left: Trinidad Fundadores Cigar, Right: Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar


POSTGAME CIGAR – A postgame smoke can be as pleasurable as those enjoyed at the golf course. Of course, the choice of the right drink is as important as the cigar itself too, so make your pairing thoughtfully. Experienced players refer to the postgame leisure as the “19th Hole” and it serves as the best excuse to reflect on the day’s game while puffing a fine habano. In a similar way to your game cigar, your post game choice of smoke is influenced by, once again, the time of the day. For instance, the Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar would function as a great morning postgame cigar. Short in length as it measures at 102 mm long, but still powerful in flavours, Medio Siglo delivers a flavoursome smoke than many Limited Edition smokes would be jealous of. However, in case your postgame cigar is to be enjoyed during the evening, a strong habano is in order. Coming in a Piramides vitola, the Montecristo No. 2 Cigar is bursting with rich and bold flavours, capable of producing an excellent medium-full bodied smoke.

Choosing the right cigar to smoke during a golf game is not always an easy case. As we discussed above, the time of the golf game as much as the smoker’s attitude towards the overall game routine constitute key factors when picking the right Cuban Cigars for Sale Online for a golf game. Read more about the fascinating world of habanos from our Cuban Cigar Blog now!