Cigar Accessories: As Essential as Your Cigar

Cigar Accessories: As Essential as Your Cigar

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With any activity, hobby or sport, you rarely invest in one aspect alone. A baker has every type of cookie-cutter and cake tin on the market, a runner has the correct trainers, a couple of water bottles and possibly a gadget to record time and speed. So a cigar smoker, should surely also own cigar accessories to go with their luxury Cuban cigars online. Not only for appearance – although they do add a personal touch, the extra additions play a crucial role in how well your cigars are looked after.

START WITH A HUMIDOR – Every cigar aficionado has a humidor which displays their prized cigars. If you don’t, your cigars will face a short-life span as they dwindle in prestige. Why? Because without a perfect temperature, cigars can dry-up and become mouldy. A humidor creates a perfect environment for them to flourish and remain in mint condition. Think of the similarity with nature and how plants need sunlight. What’s key, is investing in one which is long-lasting and offers maximum protection. We stock a range of the finest humidors on the market, catering to a selection of choice and preference. The S.T Dupont Humidor is hand-crafted with cedar wood and layered with a natural lacquer. The exquisite piece contains a hygrometer inside and is guaranteed to impress. Equally, Davidoff Office Humidor is a magnificent item, constructed with either an elegant Red Rosewood or a sophisticated Macassar Ebony wood. Ideal for either home or office, the humidor is an opulent gift to accompany your habanos. For true cigar connoisseurs, we offer a taste of Cuban Cigar history. A vintage 1940’s Ramon Allones Perlas Humidor with 350 pre-Castro cigars. Dating back to the 1940’s, these cigars were made before the cigar industry became permanently affected by Castro’s reign. To say they are a cigar’s collector’s item, is an incredible understatement.

Cigar Accessories - Humidor and Cigar Case - EGM Cigars

Left: Carbon Fibre Cigar Case, Top Right: S.T Dupont Humidor, Bottom Right: Davidoff Office Humidor


TRAVEL WITH A CIGAR CASE – There’s nothing worse than taking care of something impeccably well, to then travel and find what you took care of is now damaged. In our blog post, It’s a Case of Metal, Leather, Wood or Carbon , we help you choose the most suitable cigar cases. The ideal case will be comfortable, light to carry and crafted with strong material. Portability is the most significant benefit, guarding both your cigar and clothing. A Cohiba Cigar Case is a must for anyone who admires the brand. With its striking design and genuine, premium leather, the case can hold cigars up to 200mm and a ring gauge of 56. Another favourite is our Carbon Fibre Cigar Case. The material makes your cigars fit with ease, while also ensuring the case itself fits comfortably inside clothing. There is enough space for two cigars which is crucial if you are travelling long-distance.

"Can be used for any occasion, and are extremely durable"

LIGHT UP IN STYLE – An unwritten rule in the cigar world is to always carry and have your own lighter. Not having your own is like asking a smoker to share their cigar with you. Our lighters have a superb aesthetic, can be used for any occasion, and are extremely durable. When inviting friends round your house to smoke, it always adds a nice touch to display a lighter which is different from typical lighters on the market, especially if you are smoking habanos. We love S.T Dupont Limited Edition Cuba Libre Lighter. Just 500 have ever been produced, making the lighters unique and incredibly rare. The striking design in tribute of Cuba, will highly compliment your Limited Edition Cigars. The Ligne 2 S.T Dupont Lighter in a gold, black finish meanwhile, is our most refined. The dual flame technology provides a faultless burn for all of our Cuban Cigars online. 

Cigar Accessories - Ashtray and Lighter - EGM Cigars

Top Left: Ligne 2 S.T Dupont Lighter, Top Right: Montecristo Ashtray, Bottom Right: H. Upmann Reserva Ashtray 


LEAVE YOUR ASH IN A PERFRECT TRAY – Whether you prefer to let your ash fall naturally, or whether you wish to roll lightly is down to choice, but owning a Cuban cigar ashtray is imperative. We wrote a guide on Cuban Cigar Ashtrays which includes popular habano brands such as Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey and Montecristo. The Montecristo Ashtray celebrates the brands 70th anniversary and contains three shelves for resting cigars in-between smokes. Add to the luxury of your Montecristo Tubos Cigar  for example, with this spectacular piece. If you admire H. Upmann Cigars, our black H. Upmann Reserva Ashtray comes beautifully wrapped and is a cigar smoker’s perfect present.

Cigar accessories are ultimately the finishing touch and worthwhile to consider when buying our Cuban Cigars for sale online.