It's a case of Metal, Leather, Wood or Carbon. What's your pick?

It's a case of Metal, Leather, Wood or Carbon. What's your pick?

Cuban cigar cases not only provide protection to our Cuban cigars online, but they also make for great, stylish accessories. A cigar case’s main purpose is to transport a few cigars in your clothing, bags or luggage and to protect them from any damage. Like most things, certain cases prove to be better for certain uses. Therefore, it’s always worth keeping in mind some of the following when choosing which case to use: 

  • How much protection does your cigars need from damage?
  • How much do you need to pay attention to the drying out of cigars?
  • Is it suitable for transporting a number of formats?
  • Is it made from high quality material and does it look good?
  • How comfortable is it and how easy is it to use?



A metal cigar case


Personally, we aren’t huge fans of the metal cases. Obviously, due to its material, it will provide the maximum protection for any of our cigars online, but also due to its hardwearing properties, it can also prove quite difficult to use. The sharp edges of the case can sometimes scratch the wrapper and make it challenging to insert and remove the cigar without damaging it.

Nevertheless, as previously mentioned, these cases are excellent for storing cigars during long periods of travel. So if you’re planning on taking some Trinidad Topes cigars abroad, we highly recommend using a metal tube so as to ensure they are well protected during travel.



S.T Dupont Cigar Case for sale onlineLeather is also known for its moisture absorbing properties, which can in turn dry cigars out. Which also means they are more suitable to daily storage, rather than prolonged periods of time.Leather cigar cases look and feel great and are our favourite way of transporting cigars. Obviously we endorse using only high quality and well-prepared leather, like our S.T Dupont cigar case or Montecristo cigar case. Leather cases are best for transporting cigars for a short period of time, because of their somewhat over-powering smell. Therefore, these types are ideal for using on day trips and for social events.



Wooden cigar cases

One of the more traditional cigar cases, these are not spotted very often. These old-fashioned cases are usually made from briar wood, but can also be manufactured using oak, cedar or mahogany. Like leather, wood too absorbs moisture and should therefore be used in a humidor so as to ensure that the cigars do not dry out. If a cigar dries out, the wrapper will lose elasticity, it will tighten and no longer be able to hold the filler tobacco causing it to split. Nevertheless, like leather cases, these provide useful when transporting cigars for a short period of time and look very pleasing to the eye. 




 Carbon Fibre Cigar Case for sale online Due to innovation, a cigar case has been made using carbon, providing the perfect packaging for any of your Cuban cigars. This case protects perfectly against damage, does not dry the cigar out and personally we think it looks very stylish.

The disadvantage to these Cuban cigar cases are that they are quite expensive, due to its complex manufacturing process, which requires press moulds which must be prepared in an autoclave- similar to a pressure furnace.

We stock many elegant and sophisticated cigar cases and believe we have one to suit every taste.

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